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Name's Abby
Blood mixed Thai-Sg
Not yet sixteen.
I have a pretty good temperament actually so you can say I'm pretty much a nice girl:)

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Saturday, September 27, 2008
P.S, Leave your link behind pleaze.
Dear Readers, For your info, im mixed spore and thai thats why i have a surname thats different ok. Unless your brain is half cooked, get that in to your head. & Unless you dont know Abby is the nickname of Abigail, go check it up. If you have a problem, kick ass.

Luv you.

Sunday the 21st
Happy Anniversary Dad and Mum.
I'll didn't buy anything as i thought it not sincere buying the present using your money.
End of year perhaps? i Swear i'll buy!

Tuesday the 23rd
Skip PE.
Skip detention.
Forgot what liaoz.

Wed the 24th
Rained like shit. Late for school.
Stuck at busstop with B.
Ended up pon at B's house.
My parents found out, form cher called cuz she thought i didnt go school for 2 days. Even if i didnt go today, Duh, i went yesterday!

Thursday the 25th
Pon dance.
Stayed back detention.
Forgot liaoz.

Lols, like Tuesday sia.

Friday the 26th
Raining like heavy ok!
What a bad start to a day.

Shared umbrella w Jolene and screaming like nobody's business all the way from the busstop to school. HAHA.
Lent Sista's cardigan.
Weather so nice, chiong the paper and slept.
Cher asked if i was ok, and whether i wanted go toilet.
Puzzled. Then ask Sock she say cuz i very pale.
All those who say i very white,
She said. Pale not white!
Hmm, guess you'll say that time only what.

Met B at canteen:D
Parents came to school talked to principal and all.
Chatted with Principal myself.
She's so nice. Must treat her with respect la!
Anyway, im not coming school other than for exams!
Super elated! :)

Saturday the 27th
Woke up at 3.
Mugged haaaaaard. Yes,yes. I do study, for desperate measures.
Later went workout!
Gogo, abby.

Monday the 29th
Didn't go school for normal lessons!
But, had to go for maths test though.
Went earlier to meet B, cuz he had brk:D
Rushed through maths test, even after cautions of mistakes from cher.
Aftermath, i still did well. Guess could do better.
Not gg for lessons rocks!
Don't need see so many irksome and superfluously UGLY faces.

Anyway, can you guys see the grey colour contacts im wearing?
Haha, guess not.
But its really effective, teachers are real blind, cant see it.
But Bought the wrong one, should have bought the other one.

Tuesday the 30th
Go C.Tuition(Yesyes, my chinese suck core)
Then ask B go fetch at tuition cher, house there.
Haha, thanks. B so sweeeet.
Then go PS, eat Yoshinoya.
i still hungry so go pastamania,
Eat Margherita! All to myselffff.
Lols, after that, i was still hungry, buy some pastry.
Still hungry la, but pok liaoz.
Watson's for make-up testing,
L'oreal Volume Shock Mascara damn good.
At 12 am still got the mascara on!
Walk to Parklane:o
So faaaaaaaar, my dear.
Not that near you know!
Walkwalkwalk round Peace Centre, then walk up house lor.
Heh, my house keeps on having blackouts.
Reely dark ok!

This feels so much like the holidays.
Imagine,how much free time you have if didnt hav to go school!
School's such a bore. But it kills time.

Hoho, srry for the heavy update.
I wanted to reopen the blog as soon as possible, but factors like the url and the skin postponed it:)
So the day's events stacked up i guess.
I think i rewrote this post for the 7 th time already!
idontknow.. so messy hur.

Wednesday the 1st of October
Rot at home.
Super lethargic, no mood to study.
And the fact that i need to study geo made it worst.
Whatthehell, i wasted the whole day.
Went out w Mum&Sis.
Go Newton, Ate.
Oil-intake heavy, somemore, it was at 10pm.
i Need exerciseeeee pleazeeee.
Saw Elizabeth:D
Thursday the 2nd
Woke up at 10am,
Went back Outram.
Had Eng oral so..
i Had to go bakk.
Stayed till end of school,
went T. eat.
B sent me home..
Thankies much.
(Blow-kisses to everyone!)

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