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Name's Abby
Blood mixed Thai-Sg
Not yet sixteen.
I have a pretty good temperament actually so you can say I'm pretty much a nice girl:)

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Sunday, September 14, 2008
Friday the 12th of September
Go school, trngng.
Then homed bathed prepare,
go HWS.
So many people uh, expected more my batch to come , everybody changed so much.
Stay till 8 plus then bused go Bugis.
Busstop there slackng then Wj they all so rowdy.
Nh, Jeremy dont know do what with the lighter then go bombaaaa-
At Bugis busstop faster zao cuz saw police thn wait tio screeng for smoking..
Go withdraw $$ then in the end SJ&jeffrey go tio taiji w one ahpek.
Cb, they talking thn he say something they didnt hear so go kp them say " Your father place ah"
Jeffrey say" My grandfather place"
Lolssss, then dont know what fuck thing la.
Fuck your Toa Payoh police station la!
Then go eat, shiok seh Khew go pour alotlotlot chilli in.
Slack at Bugis Junction,
then they go disiaosiao ppl ask them where Bugis Junction.
All different answer one!-.-!
Then left at 11 plus go find B they all.
Sorry laa ps you all!
Cab to Paarklane nb sia, $7.50 the taxi fare.
Fuck laa, broke.
Saw Vivian then xchange num, B they all pei me walk up my house there, reach home at 12 am!:D

Sunday the 13th of September
Woke up multiple tiemes during afternoon.
Went old house pack things again.
Never ending leh bodoh!
Talk w B then say they meeting at 2 plusz,
I say later go.
Then car back home..
Left home bout 5?
Give Twinny and B kp sia-.-
Eat, then Twinny go have dinner at 6.30?
B pei me go roundandtound.
Pei him go City Hall(Good rigght?:D)
Then now at Internet Cafe.
My home com haven ok yet.
Gg go soon, walking i think, reach home bout 9 plus ba.
Sian sia, fucking lonelyyyy!

Pictures soon lah.

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