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Name's Abby
Blood mixed Thai-Sg
Not yet sixteen.
I have a pretty good temperament actually so you can say I'm pretty much a nice girl:)

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hohoho, it's Saturday!

Monday the 2nd of September
Match, as usual woke up late.
Our performance was great 8)
Lunched, went home.
Met Ischelle at 6 pluz then go gaigai at Bugis.
A l o n e . How sad D:
Bought somethings.
Aftermath? Broke.

Tuesday the 3rd of September
Went Tiong meet B coincidentally saw ShuEn:D
Went her house put shoebag, help me bring the next day, ty ya :B
Ate then went Bugis J.
Met Dor, Shirley, Jaslyn, WoJie, Casia.. miss you all lah.
Slack round the whole Bugis.
Got chased out..
HAHA. Liek out times sia.
Then go AC kup sweet.
After all, walk back HWS sit taxi,
we all damn dulan, 16 taxis saw our fucking hands waving and all no heart stop pick us up..
Dont know why la. In the end call taxi..
Homed back 10.30pm lols, almost tio gan hor Shirley?(x

Wednesday the 4th of September
Nada. Trngng.

Thursday the 5th of September
Met ShuEn went Bugis makan.
Go art shop and did a sinful thing D;
Went my home studdy lehhhhhh:D
Be proud all people!
Sent her to busstop at 7 plus.

Friday the 5th
Trngng then went B's home for a sec
Woah, heart attack la, tot my wallet and handphone lost *&@$#!
then taxied to Vivo Go Sentosa..
Hot liek fuck and nobody brought Suntan lotion
So stayed in the shade most of the time.
Don't wanna get darker , remembering consequence of the last tan..
Go Karaoke &$%@???

Me and Estini is at peace, she apologized.

So exhausted after all activities. Went out the entire week okaaay.
Tomorrow again(Sigh). Byee.

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