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Name's Abby
Blood mixed Thai-Sg
Not yet sixteen.
I have a pretty good temperament actually so you can say I'm pretty much a nice girl:)

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008
Came in MY blog, and saw what? Rude remarks.
Actually, kinda expected it. Cuz, apparently, there's a psycho who luvs my surname hovering at my tagbox lately.
Anyway, you want respond? I give you respond.
(Since you feel great doing this, thank me for making you feel greater by making it big and clear for the public to see.)

=.=: w3 w0nt spamm chii0bux. 0nli3 spam ugllii3 galx liik3 abby. abby'x 3y3xx liik3 wat3rr baqq. harhahax.

Firstly, I don't know what crap you're writing, seriously, what's the last part talking about?
Dog-shit language.
Secondly, what is the meaning of "we wont spam chiobus"? You're trying to say you have spammed before, i guess. You must had changed your name huh, cuz i never did see a "=.=" spam me before.
Thirdly, I find it amuzing, yeah, AMUSING. Amuzing, that you spam only ugly girls. What do you have against ugly girls? You comparing their faces to your's? Then they must be reely ugly as your's are already stuck-in-dick-ugly. Dog-face.

abbyfan: ♥爱JY: eeu in what stream one huh? the meaning of bome is what? euur own lauguage arhx?

Ok, no offence, but you seriously jolly need a pair of glasses.
JingYu said "borne" not "bome", my friend.
No scratch that. My fan.
Hey, "You in what stream one huuuuuuuuuuur? The meaning of "eeu","euur" and "arhx" is what?"
Talk about stupid. I guess you can read "=.="'s tag? Same species of dog i guess. Dog-streamed together.

All acting simarly like.... cats and dogs and any animal you want!

FYI:Deleting all the stupid and problematic tags. And I will do so for future annoying tags as well.

One more thing,
Your remarks don't mark me happier, sadder, angrier or shit. It doen't affect me in any way at all. You're just another pest in here. So do what you want, but it won't get you anywhere at all, dickface_l_!

When you turn away.
Time flies, it's been one week since i last posted.
Today i had my Geography paper.
It was a complete dissapointment ok!
Only a few things i studied for came out , and those i didn't study for, came out.
Whatthefeck, i spent 5 hours of my precious time okay!

And, my Geography notebook was lost. I spent sososososo much time writing shit, and it got lost! All my effort- gone.

See what happens when i do make effort to study?
Hope I get high marks, i dont care, i workhard for it, i deserve it!

Soo.. tomorrow's Chinese, im so screwed.

Oh, another piece of screwed up news.
My hair's screwed.
Soso screwed.
So now, i pin up my hair to school.
Not that bigg-a diaster as i thought though.

Since i've been going to school when i want to/need to, like, on Monday, i went for HE only, and another day i went for English only, and the other day went back for Geo.
Mrs Looi told me in the morning, that i these few days come and go school whenever as i like, ask my parents better ask me not to go back school if it happens again. HAHAHA. But, it's not up to you. The principal allows me, who are you to say i cant come?

Lolz, i reely can't remember much about the last week's events though.
I stayed home, went out, came home, went out, sleep, read, tvtv.
TV! Yessss. I was addicted to the tv last week!
I spent average 5 hours/day watching tv.
Mtv's such an addiction.

Other than those, i can't remember.
My brain's probably full of Geo cock.

Luv, A.

∇ A ∇

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