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Name's Abby
Blood mixed Thai-Sg
Not yet sixteen.
I have a pretty good temperament actually so you can say I'm pretty much a nice girl:)

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Sunday, October 26, 2008
Merry merry, quite contrery.

Weeew, super relieved.
Haha, made a new msn account cuz firendster acc's full and also, to get rid of all those unknown strangers in my msn.
From now on, must choose properly on how to accept firends on firendster and msn! So irritating and annoying you know, some of those peeple. Now making firendster, but like so not-here-nor-there le. Firendster noob liaoz, never go and play with it for soso long.

Lolz, i had 760 contacts!
But added lesser than that.
Ahah, i so extrovert sia.

Today had class outing ley, but didn't go cuz later going out.
Hope they had fun.
So juz now went SPCA see doggys.
Zzz, you know, if they don't have a name-tag on, they'll be put on display.
In 24 hours nobody adopts them, they are put to sleep! : o
Cruel lor, but i also think they no choice.

Muma wanna buy one, hope so then, then i can have a 24-hr available companion.
Haha, hope baby also going buy then got 2 sweetthings. Cool.

Going gaga liaoz, thinking when to dyedye hair, then fringe is still not the best of best.
Then must go extend hair then dye, wait mafan the colour no same Then diedie.

Wissssh, can't wait for trip to Bangkok. Then can buy many many clothes, the fashion there is way faster then S'pore na. Things In one month ago, Spore now then in. Zzz. In some ways im happy to be half thai. Oh, that time Joveina and some stranger askes whats my surname, its Sompolpong. Pleaze don't be rude and make fun, think about your own surname and duh, it can be made up into stupid words as well. You're just a pussyhead then if you don't understand.

Anyway, go prepare to go out liaoz, bye.

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