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Name's Abby
Blood mixed Thai-Sg
Not yet sixteen.
I have a pretty good temperament actually so you can say I'm pretty much a nice girl:)

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008
Never updated, must be missing my posts man. ( :

Soso, reached home at 1am aniwae on Sunday, just to specify.
Monday went to Sentosa with Sister and firends,
So irritating man, wore glasses cuz wanted to give my eyes a rest.
Aniwae, didnt wear it again after bathed, cuz no want be fugly at Vivo. Wore lenses stead.
And reached home at 11 just to specify again.

Today met B. : ) Today's awesome.
Met at Bugis, go buy shorts.
headed to Pasir Ris for the sake of going there.
Went Pasir Ris Mall, then E!Hub.
Then took a freeking long ride to Bugis on the bus. :o

Taxied to meet Ischelle, JingRu, Sebestian and Ivan to play pool.
Not that desirable
not having xx there though.
That's kinda cheating and having fun behind her back.
Well, its no of ma business aniwae. But seriously, dude.

Aniwae, first-timer at pool, believe it or not.
Lolz, aniwae, next time B teach me again at Parklane heh.
Can improve one okay!

Reached home at 10 pluz, On the bus ride home, I did something stupidly stupid.
Sorry B, no more biting ogay, and you're the handsomest guy inside out ogay!
And yes, i apoloize once again, Must accept ok.

Ohya, finally can do my falsies again!
Nb, the glue super stupid, must wait 15 minutes then can stick on. Sick can -.- .
People rushing how sia. Aniwae, happy can put back, cuz rusty at putting on falsies alreedy.
How long never put liao oh!

Cheers man, i think my eye infection's gone! Wore contacts the whole day today, and its close to not getting red alreedy. ( : Good for tomorow's match then. Else, will be liek rubbing my eyes the whole time and getting irritated at blurred images.

Who free jio me out okay! Except from the 5th-12th that's it.

Photo's up when i can find the bloody usb cable.
Not borrowing from sister, so impatient and unreasonable ok!

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