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Name's Abby
Blood mixed Thai-Sg
Not yet sixteen.
I have a pretty good temperament actually so you can say I'm pretty much a nice girl:)

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Found this picture while surfing.
Cuz, wanted to see what was vertical labret(Vertical piercing through the lips).
Apparently, i dont think he has one.

Vertical Labret

Thursday wenna to school to get results.

Aftermath, im not very happy at all.
My Mathematics was not supposed to be so low i guess, i was supposed to win ZhiHua.
And he bloody won me by 4 marks.
I was aiming higher for Geo, And English was a total disappointment. Can you freaking believe it, the class joker got top for English?! Chinese was ok, and heard i passed Science.
Not exactly flunking but, i did aim higher.

So, went B's house with Elaine, KenShing after school.
Elaine must have felt better alot. : )
Thanks too....... ME.
Nah, juz joking. Messaging with Ivan and asking him so, and so, so.
Homed 7.30pm.

Friday, didn't go school.
Went to Polyclinic as my eyes were irritant and itchy. Not to mention RED.
Waiting time was 2hours, and the met the doctor.
She checked my eyes, and said that i had a eye infection.
Probably due to not having good contacts hygiene.
Hmm, not exactly guilty of that, but i did wear contacts to sleep a few times.
She said, if had any white spots growing on the pupil must immediately go back hospital.
Anyway, i can't wear contacts for now. : (
Gave me a special eye-drops(so much better than normal ones) and MC 3days.
Must go back the next day for check-up again, she said.

So, left home today at 10 with Mum, go Hospital.
Waiting time, longer than usual.
Met another Doctor, he said shouldn't use contacts for 1-2 weeks after healing!
I was thinking, cb, how sia. Got volleyball competition in 2 weeks. How to go training! Bodoh, i reely dont wanna wear glasses! It's so inconvenient and so not nice.

Anyway, went Peoples Centre after that to buy things.
Hunting for sandals or shoes but couldn't find any suitable ones.
And, i found out that. I don't suit Gladiater Sandals at all.
And, i also figured out that, although it may be the hit fashion statement now, doen't mean i need to have it. There's so many people using it anyway. : )

Bought hair dye, Beauteen Gold Brown. :) Elated, my mother pick with me, and bought for me somemore eh! Luv youuuey muchz! : )
But thinking, one or two weeks later then dye, cuz my fringe not yet okok yet. And next week got school(But not sure going anot).

Waiting for nails to grow longer so can go manicure as well.
Like i said in an earlier post, i have loads of things to do. : )

You know, When told B i bought hair dye, then B then told me he dyed hair, when he dyed the day before! :O
Lolz, so bad lor.

Buy blahblahblah and blah, went home.

Went Yishun with family have dinner with parents firends.
Then take photo with the shop owner etc, cuz they my parents firend firend.
Then she say i veh tall, then say i pretty sia! : )
Haha, no la. Am not.

Thenthen, saw a shoe shop!
Saw a pair of superrr nice flops, so immediately buy. It's so blingbling, with a gigantic diamond. : )

Hmm.. Later, in the car, i did something extremely satisfying for maself.
I chewed gum in the backest back seat of the carand my 2nd Sista sat infront of me.
Well, So i did a prank. I put small small amount of gum onto her hair. :O
It was so so so hilarious. You call me slut, you get this.

Hey, we are borned in the same family.
You are not forced to like me or what.
If i could, if you agree, i dont mind we disowning each other ok.
You say i make people hate me?
I didn't ask you to like me. I'm a teen. And unfortunately, imma not the nerdiest nor the politest of the bunch. Yes, rebellious, rude, break up the harmony in the family you're probably thinking. You don't like? Kick ass. You can go far far far away from me. You two not my only loved one, i have Mum,Dad and Bro. Not you two so called sisters.

Lolz, anybody got job intro, anyone, anyone?
Preferbably, no survey, fliers or fast food, : )
That's probably asking too much.
But if do have, add me or inform me by msn. : )

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