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Name's Abby
Blood mixed Thai-Sg
Not yet sixteen.
I have a pretty good temperament actually so you can say I'm pretty much a nice girl:)

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Sunday, November 23, 2008
Hey people,
I went out a date with baby on Thursday.
I wear dress siol, then i wear slippers, so weird.
Haah, but cuz i dont feel like wearing feels, cuz very tiring.
Then wear new ones, confirm have blister.
We went to Singapore flyer le.
Met him at Bukit Merah round 3 then mrt go City Hall walk to Marina Sqr.
Slack there, i damn sian and hungry la.
Cuz as usual, used up all my money on.. i dont know. Forgot alreedy.
Till 7 plus, walk to Singapore Flyer,
Then we go the person who collect ticket,
then he say must go down and "activate" the ticket or something.
Then go down then go up.
Then go in, so many couple siol.

Haha, half-way up then we see the next one got no people!
Like what the fuck lor, if we later abit, then can 2 of us oni.
So mani lights hah, but could practically see.. nothing but lights more lights and tall buildings with lights.
I suggest go in the afternoon! But night is fine for couples.

Then we okay, we got off, then go Suntec eat.
Lolz, baby treat me, thanks b ( :
Then he was, equally broke like me.
I ate pretty slow.. Then we walk all the way back to my house.
B piggy-back me sia at some grass place, cuz very dirty and wet.
Around 11 plus reach home.
Thanks Baby for everything ( :

Friday met B at 7.30am.

I became friendster friendly today!
Replied all my comments, so happy man.
Since make new friendster not that many irritants alreedy.
Very good.

My computer connections got problem right, so connect to my father's bigbig com.
Then all my pictures there, and the transferring of photos programme there as well,
So i can't have any pictures uploaded. Karma.

These few days feel very tired oh, drained out all energy.
The whole hols have been going out never stay home before for a day.
Lols, Then next next week go oversea again, sigh. Damn sad oh, i go holiday that week, no training! Like %@#!. Lucky bitch.
I know i should be greatful all that, but i can feel the .. tiredness all over again.
I should just stay home and rest whole day tomorrow.

When you copy someone, you simply flatter that person.

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