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Name's Abby
Blood mixed Thai-Sg
Not yet sixteen.
I have a pretty good temperament actually so you can say I'm pretty much a nice girl:)

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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Oeaaaah , ( :
I woke up late for tuition today :o Woops .
Spent the afternn catching up on math .
It was raining like damn heavy :/
Later at night, the traffic was horrible, don't know why .
Spent the whole time going around the city i guess .

Im gnna study again tmr , untill i finish the first 3 chaps .
If i were in express, i wont even be in this position .
And its cuz Psle that time , didnt even study and everyday go out untill late.
Confirm is wont even touch a single txtbk .
(Not like now i do alot though :/)
I like maths, so i want to score for maths.
Almost failed Chinese btw ) :

I still remember Pri 6 that time, those were the days ,
everyday was damn fun to me .
School equals playing the whole time during lessons ,
Listening to songs, playing tricks on teachers.
We were the worst grp in P6 ! Ahahahah ,
Then go out with Clique after school .
That time , had a boyfriend , is so different from having a boyfriend now ( :
(Cuz my recent boyfriend is the best:D) is current boyfriend you pig! not recent. By,marcus ( :
I miss those times ):
Now , in secondary school , no mre cliques that includes boys one .
Cuz usually is they make all those obscene jokes etc .
Ahahahahhahaha . And all so immature in this school .
I wonder if i went to a different Secondary school , what would i be now .
Im sure i wont be any better , Ahah .

Was surfing for background images . Can't find the codes though .
Fxck .
Oh yes, What happened on Wednesday was absolutly scary!
Cuz i went bugis with Xiu , then were kuping things lo ,
Then , Xiu accidentally got caught . Faster ran , then went down .
Pierced my tragus again ( It came out again after , 5th time alr ! )
A women asked us , were we the two girls upstairs , we denied .
Then she asked us to follow her to check . We walk abit, then faster ran .
Oh god , it was damn embarrasing , and i ran as fast as i could , knocking into people in the way .
We splitted ways ,later i called Xiu she gotten caught .
Although i didnt steal , i was implicated .
In the end , every was fine . My mum knows about it too :D

That's all , its just for entertaining you guys anyway .

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