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Name's Abby
Blood mixed Thai-Sg
Not yet sixteen.
I have a pretty good temperament actually so you can say I'm pretty much a nice girl:)

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Sunday, May 3, 2009
Hadn't slept at home going 2 wks alr :o
K, these few days been really hectic. The travelling time down to Katong everyday doesn't help.
(Fyi: It takes an hour from the city back)

The school went to drastic measures to drag people down to detention during school period. Zzz.
(Promise never ever get late again, such a bother!)

Wed's had Romeo&Juliet, it was sucha waste man, If only they talked in modern english eah. Left half-way w co. Walked around bugis and ate suppa. Backed Katong 11 plus.

Saturday met Baby&his friends for Irfan's birthday. Met ShuEn before, bought Val's prezzie, heh heh. (That's why didnt say hi to you, you silly !) Went sheesha, long time never. Then ate dinner, bused home late.

Yesteaday was Val's Birthday. Omgzzzz, the peak hour was t e r r i b l e . Was: Late. thankfully lovey was with me :b celebrated during recess as per usual. Then went to Tiong, her mum treated us MosBurger. Later, went for tuition and ate somemore there. I was really fulled ! >:( Gained a billion pounds, i bet. Reached my Grandpa house late, bout 10 plus. Lethargiccccc today.

Oh yeszzzzz.
Hey all Outramians, Especially UpperSecs.
Look, that day Me,Xiu&Val talked things out with Rebecca. She said some people asks/tells her that we are cheap etc, and very open. Okay, i can probably think of some suspects. Weeell, shall not mention names. Anyway, i think y'll hypocrites man, ownselfs say that you tag with your own name whatsoever, End up? Y'll just tag anonymously. How magnanimous you are. Zzz. By the way, you can just say what you want. But pleaze, Feel free to say it infront of me. Infact, I Welcome you with Open Arms. Omgz, Some Outramians are just too mundane.

Pictures up next time, many to uploadz ! :D

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