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Name's Abby
Blood mixed Thai-Sg
Not yet sixteen.
I have a pretty good temperament actually so you can say I'm pretty much a nice girl:)

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Last year. 'Found it in one of the folders.

Hhahaha, got back my results today. I did better then i expected, especially when i kept on going out those few days before exams. Post results another day,. oh yesss.

Trip with Ischelle, hehehe, will be going overseas tgt ! Cant wait la, that will make my hols.

Laughs, i've been ranting on and on about ****** the whole day, Like two words. Fucked.Up.
Hope she responds f a s t e r, i dont have whole day waiting for you! And its not like i want to, but its just bugging me, bitch. Zzz.

I'll update soon.

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