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Name's Abby
Blood mixed Thai-Sg
Not yet sixteen.
I have a pretty good temperament actually so you can say I'm pretty much a nice girl:)

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009
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Lol, Adrian's very style phone/

Went out with Estini on Sun(:
Lunched at Mcs, can feel calories building up.
Walked around Far-East , felt very pathetic after a few rounds heh.
Then go cine slacked. We found a secret entrance to the theatre.
So you can go watch movie FOC. Hahahhaha, but we couldnt find the back entrance; only the front.

Played house of the dead. Omg. The machine sucked big time man.
No wonder so many people die. The thai machine was supaaaar better k.
Cause me and Ischelle played till last chapter.
And some weirdo asked my number.
Sooooo not going to the arcade there- ever !

Called our steads come down and a friend, went to eat.
Then sheesha. Slacked there till 10.30 ++

K, btw . I have alot of pictures of me wearing the same thing cause i wore the same thing the next day i went out with babye. For some reason la, haha.
Keep you guessing.......

Anyway, i watched Ice-Age with Babye liaoz, Cant believe their ratings beat Transformers!

Yesterday met Vivian and Jeanie, went Sim Lim for an interview.
But now me and Vivian have very big head ache. Ha ah ahah .
Hopefully can solve the prob. Ate dinner at Parklane and slacked smoked at staircase.

Oh kaaaaaay, im talking too much. Got to halt !

P.S: i think someone is really dumb to say that i said i had sex in this blog.
I had never ever ever said the word sex at all in ANY of my previous posts.
Oh my god. Not only are some upper sec girls such gossip mongers, guys are as well !
Tell me, how pathetic it is?! I JUST Cant wait for some stupid people to graduate and get out of my life.
If you think that doing and saying this kind of fucking things will make me look bad, so be it, let me look bad. I dont need to care how you guys think of me as a person, as Abby. You think you know me so well that you can presume some things i do is what you think? Please think that over. And over. AND OVER AGAIN. Cause i dont live for you fucking stupid irritating asshole people. I LIVE FOR MYSELF. GET THAT?

I guess you dont. You are dumb and think you're that great right?
So i should just fuck care this whole fucking situation.
Its no use making my temper boil over and over again just beacause of some useless LOSERS.

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