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Name's Abby
Blood mixed Thai-Sg
Not yet sixteen.
I have a pretty good temperament actually so you can say I'm pretty much a nice girl:)

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Fri didnt do as planned. Was admitedly, abit pissed.
Anyway, Sat met Leron and Loren at Ps.
Played MT. Then randomly wanted to watch Up(Cause i didnt catch it day b4!).
Fulled two slots.
Went to Cathay.
Fulled two slots.
Went to Vivo.

Pissed pissed pissed !

Lol anyway, tired go around finding theatres.
Gave up.
Bought popcorns and sat at Vivo's seating area.
Like some retards . HAHAHHA
People buy popcorn for seeing movie. We buy popcorn just for entertainment.
Tons of popcorn at our seat there when we left.
Fucking funny lah they two. Laughed my ass off.
Then go Buy sushi eat at the 'river' there.
(I dont know called what la)
Hahahah. Got some guy came by and asked us this question:

"You think Girls lie more to Guys, or Guys lie more to Girls?"

Ofcause i said:

"Guys lah!"

And ofcause, they two said:

"Girls lah!"

Then the guy asked us for lighter. Zzz. Lols.
Went acrade played some games.. Then slacked outside.
Homed later. :( No one send me home. so lonely lei.
Cause Mars went to melaka. :(
missyou like siao!

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