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Name's Abby
Blood mixed Thai-Sg
Not yet sixteen.
I have a pretty good temperament actually so you can say I'm pretty much a nice girl:)

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hi guys,
Im looking for a biker jacket.
Any blogshops or people, who knows which blogshops sell that please email me.
Cause all biker jackets i've seen in blogshops are not to my liking. Thankyou.

Today's super hectic on the msn.
Talking to manymany people. And talking bout some shit.
Anyway, i think the problem's gonna surface very soon tommorrow. So for then, wait for the news people(:

I really really hear alot things about people round me nowadays, i mean, i understand if you think that you think i do what i like, and you people can do what you like. What to think, what to feel. I heard that someone blogged about me, and actually, For your information, you dont know what im like. Cause i always give this kind of feeling to someone i dont know, dont like, or related to someone i dont like. And since all of them are girls, you have the 6th sense. I dont know if your 6th sense is abit over or what. But i think, people are thinking too much. Got someone told me that i keep on rolling my eyes at a girl. But, the fact is i nv even rolled my eyes at her b4. Mayb i did, only look at her that is. Yeah, i know alot of Outramians read my blog. Esp girls. Esp girls who dislike me. I think its my appearance or your bias understanding that you understand me for someone something that im not. Yes, i agree i may be a v loud, etc sarcastic to your face. Yeah,those who received that treatment from me, so sorry. I really meant that apology cause i can be friendly when i want to, unfriendly when i want to. Sock said i got motive with going out with people i once hated, once received that treatment from me. But nah, not really in a way. Cause, ultimately, why would i want o suffer going out with someone i dont like? O rto catch up on an old friend i have not met for a very long time? Maybe, i have something interesting to say after that outing lah, but in a way. That's ME what. People who know me know that, i complain alot, i gossip about people alot, i do what i want, i say what i want, and im not your typical sweet girl, sorry. The first thing that comes to people mind when they think of me mayb, what? Slutty? Bitchy? I know that i may be thought to be that, cause i dont like people that i dont like. And they know it. And those people i dont know, but still can say me. Like for example, blogging about me? Thats the lamest thing i ever heard. If you know me, talk to me, am close to me. Ok. i accept that. I think in everyone, they are not a bad person. Is just that the way or perception people looka t them that gives people that understanding that they are like that. Anyway, its human nature, so no, i dont blame anyone for that. I blame those who go around spreading things that are false, untrue. Cause its a cycle see. The first source is those who spread it what.

Yeah, you can spread things that are very public. But like people's life, peoples personal things go spread for what? Ya, i mayb guilty for that but i only do it in a mild manner. Sometimes i am hypocritical. But I dont go and spam someone's blog and say all that. Im very superly reluctant to put back the tag box. Cause, hey. I know alot of uppersecs dont like me. And i dont know them, so why should i let them tag and make myself have a lower self esteem and put myself down? Why should i do that to let people satisfy themselves. That i get hurt and they dont even realise it cause they are not the ones getting hurt. Some things are not meant to be said, why canot people just be innocent like in Primary school? I rememeber last time i primary school, no one spam me at all. Cause, i was nice to everyone. Even to those i dont like. After that,i came to secondary school. Then its always the upper secs who spam what. Or other wise, its your level. But i dont really communicate with anyone in my level. And ultimately, everything that is scandalous, upper secs spread. I dont know who, i dont know why. I jsut know that they always do that. To other people too. Im not defending myself. I just feel that the way they treat other people is hurtful and they may say that it is unintentional, but so? I swear that i wont ever hurt anyone in a verbal way when im in upper sec. If i do, its only to my very closesest friends.How can you say something that you are not even sure its true anot? I want necassarily say that if its not a very important thing. But eventually it will create a big problem.

People dont really know what i have been through, not even closesest pals. Maybe everyone have their own set of problems, but i have my own set of problems. Im not what you guys think. Adding to my set of problems is not exactly helpful. Nor is adding it to other people's.

Anyway, i know typng all this does not mean people will take it to their heart or really give a damn what i say. But i just hope someday that they will understand. Mayb they received this kind of treatment from others b4 or something.I can just say im typing all this just to relieve myself. Or i can just say, i really do mean it. I know i can be more friendly to other people but why should i give a damn how people view me? I fhey think they are great and almighty they can think that way.Just living live to the fullest. Theres always a pessimistic comment getting in your way.

Just being optimistic is enough.
So, after all this.
Im still her. Hi, im Abby.

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