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Name's Abby
Blood mixed Thai-Sg
Not yet sixteen.
I have a pretty good temperament actually so you can say I'm pretty much a nice girl:)

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Foreword: I tell you, i won't anyhow intrude into other's daily life for fuck.
I do that for a reason. Minor thing, ok i wont pursue.

You say you will show or tell people how you feel right?
Where's the showing and telling huh?
I shout at you so many times in school already, must be deaf or you must be very magnanimous not to retaliate.

Oh anyway, i dont know how you gonna run to a corner and hide your fucking face.
You are so fucking shameless. Not only did you not did another thing, you did it before when we had the conversation and say what? Shit fuck?

You know what, i find that you are just a fucking dog.
Oh and btw, if you are flat, like what? Minus A CUP? Dont wear lowcut please.
It just shows how mothafucking disgusting you are.
You know what guys say when they see you? And this's a fact, cause boys really did say that.
They say: " That girl so flat still wanna wear so lowcut. What the hell."
Use your brain and think, nothing show, dont show.

You want wear heels right? Dont keep on wearing the same pair lah, since you change so much then change more. Or you gonna use that till its worn out right? Cause its so fucking nice, yeah.
And omg so happy have similiar heels to you leh. Im so happy your first "high-heel" is a replica of mine.
When you went out with me remember? Like July that time. When you said you wore " gladiators". You say my heels look more like your gladiators, rather then your heels?
When you said you bought it, you said you didnt even think of that. Just another small coincidence. There's so many kinds of heels, must you buy a similiar one?

You guys free, go check out my July post and her recent "full body" pictures. I know you all will be very interested in whats the big hoo-ha. And you yourself can be the judge.

You say buy more bikini cause who wants to wear the same thing so many times?
I dont know who keeps on wearing the same fucking clothes out everytime leh.
I think you got 10 pairs of Mango tanktops and teeshirt. Its already out of trend, hello.
And so many girls are wearing that already. So much for originality.
You go out more times then you go beach right, then go fucking buy new clothes lah, knn.
You fucking words really contradict each other, fyi.

Wait, you say everything is coincidence hor? Oh so sorry, if you think i talking about you then its a fucking coincidence. Im talking about another fucking bitch. Right?
She is your twin or something. Somehow, things always happen the same way between you two, AND ITS THE FACT. Familiar to you?

You know, if you fucking remained a fucking nobody i wont fucking interfere k.
Now even if i agree everything single shit that happen is a fucking coincidence, So sorry, NOW i just cant stand the way you think so highly of yourself.

Anyway, the last word is that i feel you're a fucking dog. A shameless, hypocrite, no face dog.

You know, after i written all these, i feel that its very lame.
But its different if it happens to you k, im not trying to be a trouble-maker.
Like i said, it is just fucking annoying.

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