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Name's Abby
Blood mixed Thai-Sg
Not yet sixteen.
I have a pretty good temperament actually so you can say I'm pretty much a nice girl:)

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Which pin-up are you?

Dita Von Teese.
You know how to woo the crowd. With the wave or your hip, and a twitch of the wrist, you have them drooling over you! A true sex kitten.

(Hmmm... I wish?:D)

What's your biggest weakness?

Jealousy(I think thats the wrong word, it doesnt match the paragragh below.)

You envy others, but you are also confident about yourself. But sometimes you wish you could be confident about yourself without the masks. You clean before people come over, even though you are typically a mess. You dress up or wear revealing clothes, show off your tan, tattoos, and body, because you feel like it will get attention and make you feel worth something. Sexiness is something you value, but you really want to be admired for your heart. You want someone to see through the masks and love you for you, but you sometimes don't know who that person is and you fear opening up to someone because you don't want to be hurt. You wish you could be like someone else, trade places just for a day, to see what it's like to be perfect. You like lists and getting things done, but you rarely finish them. You want to be loved, so badly, for who you are and you're just waiting for the right person to show you that it's okay to rest in who you were made to be, and not who you are always trying to be.

(90% true)

How many children should you have?


Your personality and lifestyle would ideally suit one child who you can dote on, cherish and adore. It is quite possible too, that you are very suited for a life without children of your own and would rather enjoy other people's children (and then happily be able to hand them back!)

(100% true)

What kind of tatto should you get?

A sexy tattoo.


The bitch section.Its kinda weird, HAHA.
Which Mean Girls character are you?

Regina George.

It's official, you're Queen Bee. Fiery, Stubborn and Manipulative; You always get you want. You are physically attractive, and that alone makes people like you. You care a lot about your apperance, and always try to look your best. You can be a possesive, but you do have a hidden kind streak.

(Hahahahah, expected. Ultimate bitch.)

What kind of girl are you?

Bitch. :)

(Refer to prev q. Its not that true exactly. )

What kind of bitch are you?

Classy Bitch.

You are a classy bitch. You get the job done without being too upfront about it. You fight secretivly, and the effect doesn't last for a few days, it lasts a lifetime. You won't usually use your fists, but instead you can use your brain since you're very smart. You have people wrapped around your finger and most people are fooled by you. First impressions don't mean much, because you're not what people expect. You know how to run the game.

(YES. One of the better bitches. Fyi, theres dumb and trashy.)

The real you.

The lover


Tat's all that i find are interesting.
im not a bitch. Serious. Just depends who you are huh.
Credits to facebook.

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