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Name's Abby
Blood mixed Thai-Sg
Not yet sixteen.
I have a pretty good temperament actually so you can say I'm pretty much a nice girl:)

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Monday, October 5, 2009
1, you wanna spam people's blog, spam with your name.
2, wassup? Woah, ask police give protection 4 u ah.
3, thanks 4 saying me big boobs in the toilet ey.
Thats not even a bad thing, compared to ppl saying you small boobs.
And so sorry,what you say, i dont even gad. Cus i have enuf confidence in myself.
& plus At least i dont have a moon face, beerbelly girl.
4, use your motha-fucking brain. I didnt write your stupid url in the toilet.
Does that look like my handwriting? Legendary, my handwriting is super messy one.
5, Whats the problem now? You copy and there is alot of proof:)
6, cb. If today both VPs and DM nv talk to me i confirm go whack u.
Anyway, what they said made sense huh. Shouldn't try to make a silly stupid shameless dog try to admit anything. Why? Cause that dog has her tail between her legs already. Just trying to get it wagging.
7, The WX thing hor, three ppl say you said YOU DID SAY it, even your own frnz, including ME.
And what you say?: "I sunpa i never, I sunpa."
Hey, you dare to say, dare admit plz.
8. I find you very shameless, seriously. Dont go around trying to get pity from other ppl plz, and make us look like the bullies here. You dare say you never did all the things we mentioned? Yah, i forgot. You are the shameless dog, so you will say never.
9. I shall jus forget about u haha, cus now i realise you are actually damn pathetic.
Your own friends dont even want to help you. You dont even have a single true friend do you?
That's one of the many things i feel sad 4 u.
10. Hope that fucking slap i gave you woke you up. Even thou i think you need a couple more.
But too bad, someone under police protection right?
11. K, bye shameless dog.

Oh, you are the passerby's right? Yeah, dont get too infuriated i locked my cbox(:
It doesn't mean i took it out, blardy fool.
Yah, so now i know you dont even have the face to use your own name, that's why you're called shameless dog.

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