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Name's Abby
Blood mixed Thai-Sg
Not yet sixteen.
I have a pretty good temperament actually so you can say I'm pretty much a nice girl:)

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sandcastle beach today was so-so.
Kinda ate my way through the whole hour plus we were there.

Yes, tomorrow Big DayOut(:
I didn't manage to go to last year's, and this final year as class 1/3&2/3.
So it is a must go. So 5+I went for lunch 2gt today.
Chilled and talked about some hypocrite people.
Went to buy our goodies for tomorrow, and happily managed to get all.
Today is a very normal day, but somehow i feel very contented.

I realised i have changed blogging the way i did last time.
Now: less information, less posting, more pictures, random talk.
Yes, and althou i have lesser links now, i have finally come to a conclusion.
Its like friends, why have so many friends, but none of them are true.
Anyway, do you even visit half of your links, you bloggers out there?
Yep, i think i'll edit my links asap.

I've gazillionx pics with B, shall up them asap2.
About our things, complicated shiatx.

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