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Name's Abby
Blood mixed Thai-Sg
Not yet sixteen.
I have a pretty good temperament actually so you can say I'm pretty much a nice girl:)

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


My 5 very special ladies.

ShuEn(Likes DOMO):
You were the first friend i made in OSS and you were sitting next to me on the first day at sports hall. I talked to you in Chinese! And i asked you what school you were from. I remember Val was sitting directly infront of me. But we didnt talk much eh? From then on you were with me. Hmm, i think you made a mistake in doing that! You changed, become more outgoing, more talkative:D

You remembered that day at AVA, we stopped being friends with Renie and Reena cause i didnt like them, and you were all scared that we wont have friends for rest of secondary life? HAHAHA. You almost cried i think. YOU! Now you are more confident, ofcause under training of me. LOL. Just joking.(I know you will be all "Walaooooo" after you read the above:D)
But, if you are with someone you dont like, and they treat you bad and even if they do not, but you still dont like them, dont tolerate them, just go and trash them! Hehhehheh. Ok, thats my method. Dont use that.

My Sock is a kind, softhearted, happy and high girl. Thanks for all the times you helped me, and lent me $$$ for recess. I'm very happy that you got into express too! Although i couldnt make it with you, cause i gave up on it. But work harder and top all of them k!
Also, dont be so naive!Real good thing you found Vernon aye, he will takecare of his bum.
HEHEHEHE. Couldnt help it. Dont worry about making friends, but you know you do have us too dont you! Dont forget us right.

ZhiXiu(Likes PIERCINGS):
Sister(: You moved from 1/2 to 1/3 and I wanted to make friends with you, so that me and ShuEn can form a clique with you and Hx. (All of you must think im a very manupilative person huh.) Bet you dont know that. Bet hell, good i thing huh? :D
I will remember all those times we went for piercings together, and shoplift(Oops).
I will never ever forget that time at Bugis. And find trouble together!
Also how you change, now prettier then last time eh! :D When we went Sentosa together, talk on the phone etc. When you eat my prawn noodle soup, your face will get all red too:)

Alot of people misunderstands you. Apparently you like to look at people ah! HAHAHA. I dont think you do, but i dont know. But you're kinda softspoken actually, untill you get agitated! You're incredibly sleepy too. You are the artist in the group, always drawing or writing something in class. Dont treat your mum so badly okay! She treats you damn good eh. Dont go home so late, and dont make her worry so much. (Althought im not the person to say this, talk about contradicting:D) Also, dont find so much trouble, (w/o me;)) cus its actually kinda stupid lah. HAHAHAHAHA.

You also, last long with WeiMing k, maybe overnight at his house another time. AHAHAH.
Maybe not. Not sleeping at proper time's not good for health. Yeah, if you want good complexion sleep earlier! :) You can make me laugh just by looking at you! Thats a gift!~~~ LOL.
Yeah, we laugh like shit together anyway. Study hard, and make your mum happy.

Valerie(Likes GREENAPPLE):
Hi my dear, althought i got to know you better this year, i feel like we have been friends for decades. After the one week holiday at your house, i can already mimick you when you scold Vic!:D You rich girl ah, people ask you lend money you say nvm dont need give back(: No la, actually you're kind. I know cus that time i broke and you lent me money say nvm, dont need pay back(i was staying at home). :D

Many people say you flirt, cause alot of guys confide in you. But i think its a natural thing, guys just confide to you about their problems. And to other ppl they think you are flirting but actually you are their good friend, giving them advise, and talk to them when they are down. Guys just feel comfortable talking with you:D

Hope you dont feel too sad or down now, becus of him. But you two ah! Really bth. Break but will patch up the next day. But if you guys always patch back, cus you cant forget each other, i think this time will be the same Val, dont think too much about it(:

Every few months change phone one! Hehheh. Dont bully your sister so much even if she's a pest sometimes. Study hard too, dont let your parents down, they love you alot. I know after a week in the Chee household. HAHAHA. Not bad ey, you and your parents like friends. Tell them thanks for letting be stay for a week too. Okay, nvm show this para to them! Hi Mr Chee and Mrs Chee:)

JieYing(Likes BOYBANDS):
JieYing is like our second mother(: She is very responsible, cranky at times, and so cute!
Hahahah, you do talk like Marcus at times. Just cant resist pinching your cheeks:)
She also knows about things like, periods and stuff. Everyday also watch those TaiWan show ah!
Our dajieda. :D

To me, i feel you will be a very good housewife in the future, i can imagine you with kids and bossing them around you know! :D Yeah, and stop drinking oreo crush everyday, very fattening one leh! HEHEHEHE. Also the best spiker in volleyball, next to Mich:D

Elaine(Likes ELMO):
The first thing i think of when i think of you is laughing buddha! HAHAAH. Your laughter can make anyone laugh. Laugh more. Also, Dont grow taller k, you're cuter this way. Remember last year, we all were against you then after me and Shuen,Zx,Hx one clique then i wanted you with us, cause you had no friends other then Louisa cause of some stupid thing. We thought you were some boyfriend stealer. LOL. But ofcus, you were not after we knew you.

You're very shy you know! Must talk more! But when we get you to talk, woah, alot things to say ah! :D Hehheh, partly becus of you, me and Marcus were together. Cus when you tgt with Ivan, somehow it made me ask Marcus to be with me. But you somehow always get the wrong guys, but dont be so sad okay! One day, you will find the right person. I couldnt grab your pic from your blog leh! So irritating! Yeah, +add more chilli in prawn mee for me(:

I dont think i will be in Oss next year, hence the long dedication to you guys.
If i do happen not to be here anymore, i know we still will contact and go out together right?(:
I will remember those tiems we laugh our heads off at something particularly funny, and make fun of people, and sit together as a group in class. After recess on Mon and Wed, we will get back to class late all sweaty and hot! Then we will ask ShuEn and JieYing for water. HAHAAH.
Yeah, i will remember all the times we had together, and that day where you guys celebrated my birthday. And thankfully, not like other cliques, We never quarrelled or had conflicts or misunderstandings at all. NADA. NIL. NOTHING. :D

I just want to say if i really change schools, i will miss you guys. But i know we will meetup, so im cheered up by that thought. And also, talk together on the phone, as always alright? I wanna gossip about people in school. HAHAHA. Also, got any taiji call me down! Always wanna catch a show usually opp school(typical Outram) and if it so happens that it is someone i dont like, all the more better, cause i wont get into trouble if i did anything wrong. HAHAHAHA.

God, miss you guys already.

I love you guys lastly.

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