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Name's Abby
Blood mixed Thai-Sg
Not yet sixteen.
I have a pretty good temperament actually so you can say I'm pretty much a nice girl:)

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009
Yesterday down to baby's afternn.
Bugis arcade find them. Slack, eat, smoke whatever.
Bugis Christmas tree, awesome i find. Even though those life-saving floats irrelevant.
But the blue lights is so mesmerizing, with the blue sparkling. Kinda silver to blue.
Was meant to be 17th month Monthsary outing. But not quite i guess...
Nevermind about that. Just wanna kill myself sometimes.
That's not a anyhow say. That's a i-mean-it say.

Today baby's again. Lazy couple, what can you say. Sleepsleepsleepsleep thru the day.

Oh baby called me and told me he saw my "bestfriend" at Ps.
Guess who? Estini!
Lol. Here's how the conver went.
baby: i saw your "bestfriend" at Ps.
me: lol, with boyfriend ah.
baby: ya lah! the boyfriend playing maximum tune. then you know what the best part?
He keep on tell estini "Ask them dont join in, ask them dont join in!" Like say so loud la.
me: LOL. pathetic sia. then what estini do? diao you all ah. or what, scared meh? lol.
baby: See us jitao turn to the boyfriend liao.
me: HAHA. So xiasway meh the boyfriend say that.
baby: ya then leron tell the boyfriend, already put ppl cant join in liao, still say ask us dont come in for what-.-
me: then he what class?
baby:B7. see him play want laugh LOL.
me: HAHAHA, The estini wear hotpants again right? and put alotalot of makeup hor.
baby: yeah. yucks the face machiam like ghost like that, so white.
me: Heh, you ask your friend she chio ma.
baby:( .............. )No. He say buang:D

Just wanna post this to irritate some passerbys(:
Anyway, those who wanna see that post again.
(Copy paste.)

What else. I dont have anything happy to post.
Okay, pictures tomorrow.
Even though its all me, cus the rest of the day, Not really in mood to take picture with baby at all.

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