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Name's Abby
Blood mixed Thai-Sg
Not yet sixteen.
I have a pretty good temperament actually so you can say I'm pretty much a nice girl:)

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009
Places and and things i went/did
-Got my storybooks at bbs.
-Stone and wait at library.
-Soursop and strawberry

Today just got up sulking all over again. And Jepthah came over to help shift things.
Talk with him over my plate of rendang chicken for lunch. And talking about stupid boys who cant open their mouth to breakup with his girlfriend when he likes another girl. And talking about school and girls which guys naturally crowd around and screwing people up in secondary school. And the thought of going to poly and he says he wanna take MassCom which you can have many different choices for a career. And talking about whether i should have a cca next year and how going to bhss not really gonna improve my attitude or whatever shucks.

I also dont think im gonna spend countdown anywhere but home again like last year. And maybe Isch can come over sleep over cus like im so pathetic i dont even want to go anywhere tomorrow and i trying to make a resolve to bring her go try out sheesha as she wants to. And im so looking forward to sunday cause tomorrow im gonna like sulk and lay all over the house. And ya i hope baby you can have fun doing whatever you what to do and i now most likely dont even give a damn. Dont know why i still call you baby when inside i feel like saying so many pessimistic things and i dont think baby is a optimistic word.

Okay i have so much things to say. And you know what i feel like doing? I feel like throwing my handphone into the sea now cause i really feel damn pissed now for being treated like an idiot. I dont know why you have to say something that you say time and time over again that you will do but you never do and instead i just have to get used to it, shut my gob and say goodnight and the reply was goodnight too. Not even a single sorry i didnt call you or sorry never message you or not even a single call. Yah actually i didnt want to type this out but who gives a fuck seriously they will just be like ooooooooooooooh. Are you just oblivious or just dont give a damn or what.

Its happened for the what? 6th, 7th time?
Ya you can say i dont spare a thought for other people. Im self-centered didnt you just know that.

SO Maybe i should just contact you when your fun is over.
And tell myself, "Hey Abby, you are just a spare tyre."

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