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Name's Abby
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I have a pretty good temperament actually so you can say I'm pretty much a nice girl:)

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Have been reading a book, on how to have a beautiful mind, i dont know if you guys think it's boring, but don't you ever wish you can improve yourself and have a positive thinking in everything you do?
When people say a comment about you, dont you wish you could just slap them? Instead, you should just try to think in another way and try to stand in their shoes. Meaning, going inside their "logic bubble"

Actually, if you have a beautiful mind, which is creative, imaginative, and definately NOT BORING.

Etc, there are sayings that states the Geminis get into more car accidents than all other signs.
You may think
a) geminis are extremely unlucky , OR
b)you found out gemini , month of june - july, has the weather was the worst thruout the year.
thus, those born in gemini, once they've reached their birthday go for driving lessons already. and they have a higher chance of meeting with an accident as they are inexperienced.

Everything has another side to it, you just need to make the effort to find out.

Another etc,
instead of saying
"i am not happy with that argument",

you should say,
"that is the usual explanation given, but i sometimes wonder if it is the right one".

get what i trying to drive at ?
let's all strive towards being a better person((:
PEACE(Twist finger)

How to have a Beautiful Mind- Edward de Bono.

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