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Wednesday, November 10, 2010
Wanted to do a post on anime but i came across this website!
Very interesting.......
Basically just stating plus points and minus points of differing jobs.

TOP 15. Not in any order.
  1. Freelancer: Though it takes constant discipline to meet deadlines and find gigs, freelancers get to set their own hours and rates, and don't always have to worry about a dress code.
  2. Celebrity blogger: Work from home, sleep in and sneak into celebrity parties to take pictures for your readers.
  3. Secret Shopper: Become a secret shopper or mystery shopper, and you get to wander around the mall, write up basic reports and get reimbursed (or paid ahead of time) for your purchases.
  4. Professional hostess: Yes, you can actually be a hostess for hire! If you love having parties, sending out invitations and coming up with new cocktail ideas, consider this as a job.
  5. DJ: DJs with a good reputation don't have to look as hard for gigs, and they often get to eat and/or drink for free while they hang out in their own booth.
  6. Ice cream taster: If you love ice cream, this could be your dream job. You get paid to make real decisions about how ice cream products taste.
  7. Barista: Working at a coffee shop often means that you can have tattoos, different colored hair, wear comfortable shoes, and talk about cool music or literature. As long as you don't get the super early shift, this could be a great job for you.
  8. Bartender: Good bartenders are busy, but they make great tips and get to experience fun nightlife. Bartenders may also be encouraged to wear fun, more casual clothing and can have a relaxed attitude towards customers.
  9. Chocolate taster: This job is a little more complicated than it sounds, but if you're a chocoholic, then sampling chocolaty sweets for your grocery store will be a fun reason to get up each morning.
  10. Beer tester: Beer people are pretty laid back, and beer testers get to sample new flavors and products all the time.
  11. Stylist: Big-time stylists jet all over the world and work all day and night to make a photo shoot just right. But if you're looking for something more low key, you can start a small business that lets you style or shop for friends for special events.
  12. Makeup artist: Freelance makeup artists get to set their own hours. It may also be a good solution for those interested in theater but don't have enough drive to act and show up to rehearsals everyday.
  13. Personal shopper: Though your clients may be demanding or rude, you'll get to leave them behind for a day of retail therapy. Unless you run your own organized agency or business, you won't even have to go to the office.
  14. Gold digger (the bimbo kind): Marrying a rich guy isn't really considered work, if you've got the obvious goods.
  15. Gold digger (the 49ers kind): Search for gold the old fashioned way: while you sit on your bum under the sun with a sifting pan.

Aint it cool!!!! I just found you guys jobs you seriously wont have much worries doing it!
Well, it's more on my interest. But!!! Ice Cream, Chocolate and beer taster!!
Personal shopper!!Enjoy shopping but getting paid!! I should just aim for 14! :) I think 15's not gnna happen in singapore but imagine if you found gold worth billions! GRRRRRRRRRR.
Which would you chose ? Celebrity blogger and personal shopper for me:)

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