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Friday, November 26, 2010

Universal Studios Singapore WAS VERY FUN!!!!
Even though it was the two of us only, and though we are not very close, we certainly bonded today(:
My thai is soooooooooooo rusty, i can practically hear creaking sounds whenever i speak.
Woke up mathafreakeen early rather easily today, am so excited to get my ass over to USS.

Took the mrt to harbour, then the monorail. Complaining about not being able to eat and drink in the mrt, and the woman who got fined $40 just for eating a sweet (SERIOUSLY).
When we got there we were so damn disappointed. Why??
Like wtfffff. Okay. I think you guys will be like.... So? Then?
Check this out.

BattlestarGalactica CYCLONE
This suspended coaster goes up, around and upside down with intense corkscrews and cobra roll.
BattlestarGalactica HUMAN
Zooming at 90km/h, this seated coaster narrowly avoids collisions as it twists, turns, and propels you over 14 storeys into the air!

It's one of the most important section/attraction of USS!
FOR THRILL SEEKERS, don't visit USS, until it's complete. Make more worth of your $$$ !

But if i say out all the rides, and concentrate on how i feel on each ride, you guy's will just skim thru all the words, don't think i don't know!:)

In all, the effects was wonderful. Like seriously, for the Shrek 4D movie, what you see in the movie, is what you will feel while watching it! The images are more real than 3D, a saw alot of ppl raising their hands trying to touch the characters. There's an instance where the screen had many spiders falling, and I FELT SPIDERS RUNNING ON MY LEGS!& That's only ONE of the examples.

The steven spielberg attraction in NewYork was likewise. I felt hot when they showed fire, wind blowing when the situation called for it, and there was this big ship that came up to my face. Not movie, IS REAL.
Waterworld had many explosions and water everywhere, a plane even landed on the water.
It's cnstny on my mind how they do these things. It's super incredible, for all the effects and shows.

To me, the rides were so-so. Not much to rave about.Not scary at all.
I simply cant explain how amazing the effects la!! sound so idiotic trying to express myself. :/
Anyway, the atmosphere, effects, company, thrill, excitement was all worth it....
even though the BS coasters were closed.

Worth it!

Pix up soon.
Do you guys prefer me to post about the day and post pix on that day in the same post or just post the words first, pix anytime i like?...........

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