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Name's Abby
Blood mixed Thai-Sg
Not yet sixteen.
I have a pretty good temperament actually so you can say I'm pretty much a nice girl:)

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Bye day 5 , thoughts of 2011.
Friday, December 31, 2010

I LOOK SO RETARDED OBIANG LOL in my peejays somemore pfffft

I should be back soon...
in a few hours or back already but somebody haven't post this up!!!

yupp.. last day of the year... i hope can spend it with him eh :/ like mentioned i didnt for the first two years of our r/s. maybe go walkwalk or sit down!!!!!! i still wanna go helix bridge. but i think it would be flooded tonight!!!!

well. last day of the year..
this year although i have changed school, and at first i dreaded it alot.
Like cmon, i purposely didn't study hard for sec2 so that i wouldn't be able to go express and i can stay with my friends but in the end i needed to change school? If i knew it at first, i would have been in express by now.
I know i can make it to express but cause i only needed like 2-4% to go up. that's didnt study. if did i confirm can go up already... nevermind. that's the pass. last time i should be mentioning this.
but when i think of it now, i think i gained rather than lose by changing school.
I have more close friends then i did last time, mixed sexes too. In oss, i didnt really make good friends with the boys.. cause we just didnt click? as in friends but not close.
this year even though all the good guy friends i have mostly didnt make it to 4n2, i know that we will still hang out after school la:) also i have more girl friends as well, not only my class, but those from express and nt .
mrs wong is great too, all our form teachers are.

and although balestier's students are more havoc, noisy and irritates teachers to the max, like x2 of outram students i still love you guys and we definately more united as a class. still remembered last day of school a few of the girls cried and like guys didnt cry but i know that even those heck care heck care guys still feel sad inside la. (i know cause of facebook statuses) HAHAHHA.

let's work hard tgt as the (remaining) class and promote to 5N tgt okay?!?!
dont look down on yourself and underestimate your ability by already having the mindset that you're going to ITE cause you cant make it. everything is possible if you just believe! :>

ofcause i miss outram! but i need to broaden my horizons and you outram guys dont ever forget that to me you have the
1.most happening girls aka gossip mongers
2.the best prawn mee in the world
3.everything i remember as outram will always be in my heart(:
miss you guys ttm too!!!!!!! will go back teachers day or smth .

although to me this year it felt like 5 years because of what we been thru i still hope that 2011 would be a better year for us. 2009 was almost perfect... till august. 2011 was horrible. leaving december as an exception. if you count it that way. i didn't wholeheartedly feel happy for 15 months...
but anyway. let's begin the year on a good note.. and end it likewise. i love you baby :)


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