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Name's Abby
Blood mixed Thai-Sg
Not yet sixteen.
I have a pretty good temperament actually so you can say I'm pretty much a nice girl:)

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Dirty Bit
Tuesday, December 21, 2010
Didnt go today's ph event): $10 only! plus it's like damn worth it.
Cus usually events only maybe 9-3. today's 11-6. althoug diff not big but 9pm so early who wanna dance.
Hahiahi. Talked to sm and daphne on the phone sm like convincing me to go~~
Bobian not going anymore events for the rest of the year! pokkai!
Hope those who went have fun yey. Hearing clubbing songs now GRRR.

I think am gonna stay up for tonight! Have the feel wakakakaka.


I'm gonna blog about SUNDAY. 19/12/10
Gonna be rather wordy cus somebody did something i should blog about!
It's like a story ah bear with me for this post(:

Went out with bbie! Not bad. i was really really last min but i managed to get ready all in half an hour.
he met me up my house walked to ps and ate lunch cum dinner there. yami yoghurt! daily dose of top floor.
after, decided to go down to pearl centre due to my insistent whining ):

 my fringe damn screwed hahahahah.

the story

Walked around... i wanted to go back to the shop which sold lollipop for 120 but it's havent repaird-.-
Nothing else, walked to people's park(isit?) passed alot of stores and asked if they had second hand lp but all first hand. passed one shop they said like 240+, then 220+ when we wanted to walk away they said $195!!!
I was like $195 only leh $195 only leh omg!!! brand new somemore!!! Cause shops are selling 248-298 now.

In the end there wasnt any second hand lps lor. So i was kinda down already and like thought of borrowing money frm friends or smth. Then he just say go back to the shop and see again. I say for what! Need borrow first or smth then go back luh.. But he said like check it out first.

Walked back, then he asked again how much and all. Then he said: " ru guo ni chi zhe ge duo sao?"
(meaning, if you buy this, how much?)
He pointed to his phone. Which was the same phone we used last time which he is currently using now.
I was quite shocked lah!!! Didnt expect that. the person said top up 140. (anyway 195 not couting the gst yet) Then he asked me like want anot and all. I felt so ps!!! Like he pawned his phone so he can get me my phone since i couldnt wait till my pay come and i was like so despo to get it for weeks  already.
Took out sim card all(he actually forgot the memory card!!) and now he's using my old phone..

(Initially wanted spiro. But i tried it out and the inside was like typical office phone. I dont like the fonts and all also): BUT THE EXTERNAL VERY CHIO. Girls who want chio and small phone and cheap get sony ericsson spiro!!! the pink and white one pls!)

Back to it. After all i was like damn happy!!!! HAHAH i asked:" why you want to sell your phone i feel so bad sia!!! " he said:"you want the phone for so long already and you happy can le ma." OVER DA MOOONNNNNNN. HAHAHAAH. but good thing he still has his aunty phone to use. which is not bad luh the phone. but thanks for the sacrifice pig. appreciate loads.

K im done with the phone business!! now i'm gonna start on getting a new camera!!!!!!
someone promise me something le ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 one of my most fav pictures of us.

Later we went to central to walkwalk. That's what he likes to do.
While i like is to sit down. ): HAHAH but nvm i  happy so i walk.
Wanted to bring him to helix bridge cause i think he didnt go before? Yah so we planned to walk from central to helix... Passed by a restaurant along clarke quay and selling one for one beer.
So we went for a drink . rather nice the ambience! whether was nice too.
Bbie says go back for the buffet next time(: hehheh.

On a mission to walk to helix... passes by makansutra. we were hungryhungryhungry by that time.
So we ate dinner cum supper. i got my seafood aglio olio! NICE TTM
Now i'm watching a korean show about pasta and every single time i watch it i feel like eating pasta SRSLY.
i watched first then went to his house to watch. dunno who so interested!
now i epi 6 he 11!! wth!!!
helping me peel the prawnies.

Otw to helix, realised it was reaching 12am!!! decided to go another day since gonna last bus already..
sat down for a smoke and took bus home(:

I enjoyed the day k and i was really happy(;
i know you would be happy if i typed this. cause everytime you bring me out on a date for the whole day usually the question you would ask me was: "Happy anot today!"



eclipse. you know. the moon block sun. hahahahahahah.

my sister cooked aglio olio today omg damn nice! chus<3

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