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Name's Abby
Blood mixed Thai-Sg
Not yet sixteen.
I have a pretty good temperament actually so you can say I'm pretty much a nice girl:)

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Fleas, Prada & Us
Sunday, December 12, 2010

AND SO....
I went flea third week in a row. WTFSZX i think aggaration i spent reaching 100 on shopping already...
T.T i just cant help it. i just buy things like free flow. cause it's sooooo cheap.
Like anything cheap, just grab, anything ex, byebye. But jsut so happens i got a way to find cheap nice things(idk how)
HAHAHA. blame myself.

AND then.
I'm so pissed, i can't get my phone(im sick of blogging about getting phones) cause the stupid pay haven come, the stupid $300 from government haven come(OMG REMIND ME TO BLOG ABOUT THAT).
So from feeling rich the pass 1 month and half, i feel poor now. It's been a rather successful holiday monetary wise as i didnt have the " i have to think about how to spend my money cus i dont have enough money to spend w/o thinking " feeling. I HAVE IT NOW. anyway next week should be better. Cus..just cus(;
No promises. Anyway, my pay come, my $300 come, my allowance per week comes, and that cus comes and i'll be feeling rather rich already. god i'm just so money minded now/.

I think this gonna be a rather long post, i have alot of crap to write. :)
Went out with Shelle yesterday, in my idk.. (tries to find ruler, ending up using fingers to measure roughly)
But been ages since i worn such high heels, and i dont care la, im not tall!
Is just that considered for asian girls it's tall.
You move over to what,.. australia, america, THEN IM NOT TALL. Could be counted as average?
Ya but i could feel like one head taller than lots of girls in the mrt HAHAHAHH. can go count dandruff already.

K sidetracking abit too much, ate at some jap restaurant at city hall. was okay only..
we ordered Er.. spicy chanpon and seafood chanpon? which is noodles.
but i mentioned halfway..." isn't this prawn noodle noodles?"
She went like : " WTH i paid $14 for prawn noodles?! only the soup nice...."
HAHAHAH ya, but was not bad la, got side ala carte and tea for the set.

Mrted to Raffles, and we didnt really knw how to get to Alcova.
In the end we just followed some girls who look like they're going flea la, you know, like you look at people first glance, and you can kinda guess what they will be doing around the area.
Anyway, to me la hor, Alcova... to sum it up
Expensive, Small, Hot, Nothing much.
BUTBUTBUT I still managed to get cheap loots. hehehhe.
My rule is = nothing over $10. or nothing over $5 (more on the $5)

Then, bused to cine for another flea. Was better, but last week's price ranges were much cheaper.
K the whole day bumped into alot of ppl, more than 6 or 8 ? at different places somemore heheheh.

K blablabla, Then Shelle wanted to go to Prada. Actually we planned for a wk already for yesterday.
Yeah~ on the way she stopped at all the shops la, topman, topshop, pull&bear, lv, whatsoever.
Anyway i dont really care about branded? I think it's fucking crazy to pay $5000 for a dress.
In LV. what's more. I find the dress damn ugly T.T no offence but srsly. I don't know.
If i buy a $5000 dress i'll wear it everyday till it's in rags or smth FIVE THOUSAND LEH OMFG.
Made of what sia? Or the material or what?! I touch it and it's damn rough lor.
Ahhhh anything la, the rich would know why they pay that much. I dont!

So she wanted to go to Prade to take a look at her long awaited wallet. She said since before O's.
It's rather nice.. Pink.. Gold zipper, leather material. Very feminine and girly hee. ONE OF THE NICEST DESIGN AND COLOUR IN THE STORE ALREADY!! Very chio la~ ANYWAY.
It cost. $740. Yarppppp, You think worth it? Maybe if use for ten years.. which would be $74/year and $6/month. Not bad eh? I cant find a google pic to justify how it looks, so the next time i go out, shall take a pic for you guys to see. DAMN GORGEOUS.

Anyway if you wanna nana go to those shops and take a look, beware of the look.
The look where they look at you like you YOU have no money, and come here just to waste space in the shop, and to fool around or whatever. YESSSS.THAT LOOK.

And i want to say smething.. i feel damn bad.. but i need to say this. this is my blog right):
Prada's ttc. Like i expected it to be at least normal nice looking. But the mannequins' skin had patches of what? unpaint surface or smth? damn idk la... not up to prada's standard LOL. srsly go have a look.

Kay the buying of THE wallet. took damn long, causing us to go in the shop 3 times.
blablabla, hahahahah. it's damn lmfao la!!! the scenes damn HAHAHAHH.
but the post would be one metre long if i have to blog about what happened all.

After, went to ground to eat. And i asked her change her wallet ASAP!!
Once i get new things, I CANT WAIT TO USE THEM.
Like once i have the opportunity i just want to grab it and explore or whatever.
Like new handphones, i cant stand charging it for 8 hours then use!!!!!1

Kay, she should be staying over my house next next wk or so.
My parents going oversea. AGAIN. on the other hand, can look forward to the food they bring back ^^

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