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Name's Abby
Blood mixed Thai-Sg
Not yet sixteen.
I have a pretty good temperament actually so you can say I'm pretty much a nice girl:)

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New Year Resolutions
Friday, December 31, 2010
Am going out soon for New Year. Hopefully see some pretty fireworks. 
Have a happy last day of the year !!! Love xoxo!!!

(Blogged on 24 Dec 2010)

New year resolutions again...
Really cmi if you look at my 09 and 10's resolutions.
Totally didnt even do any of it!! You know why?
Cause after i blogged about it, i totally cleaned it off my mind!

"My New Year Resolutions
1. Be a better girlfirend/firend/daughter .
2. Get up early ( My worstworst quality . Durrrr. )
3. Haul my ass up to Express ( Bloody fuck , i got 3rd cohort but cant go express? )
4. Lose weight ! And ... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
5. Make more firends and loves
6. Treat my boyfirend the best i can and be happy tgt
7. Swear less ( Ooops to 3. )
8. Not be a bitch to those i have problems communicating with (huh)
9. Be thrifty man . ($$$$)
10. Not be so dao ? -.-
11. Don't lay in bed whole day while having crying fit
12. Cry less
13. Don't lose/spoil my phone .. !
14. Try and complete all these resolutions !
15. Dont judge , dont judge , dont judge

You know how hard is it not to judge ?! dickhead blog . stupidstupidstupidstupidstupid.  "

Why did i say dickhead blog?! I cant even rmb why i wrote that!!!

"School's starting soon, starting to feel panic.
Just gotten books today, have no uniform, no new school bag, no shoe, no socks, no nuts.
New Year Resolution? Survive the year through man.
Ya and sure many things i wanna resolute but srsly what's the point when it disappears into thin air. You never do know how a matter of events could change or revolve around so should just take it day by day. As long as you feel satisfied, happy with what you have done and thoughts running through your mind are on the sunshine side, things should get along well enough.

Prev post really made me happy when i asked him what were his resolutions and couldnt believe it when he named each one of them. Well except for one. Really have high hopes on this thing we have to work out in the end, speaking on serious grounds. "

LOL i didnt know my english so dope the start of this year. Serious grounds?!?!?! 

And this is baby's 09's resolutions. 10 he didnt care about me. so no resolutions. cause he happened to almost break all the resolutions he made during 2009. Hopefully this year got ah.
(He'll prolly post after i post this up LOL. hey dont need la. this is not your type of thing. i know)

" its my turn to post and i hope that my beloved abby doesnt see this. :)
my new year's resolutions are..

1) treat my girlfriend the best!
2) takecare of her and dont make her sad or angry.
3) want to be happily together with her.
4) always love her without fail.
5) always make her smile~ :D

ya..i think thats all..but, at least its all related to her, lol. But dear, i want to tell you~happy 1st wedding month! yeah..though these past 2 days we have abit of stupid stuffs, but my love for you doesnt change! and i promise you i will takecare of you. so don't worry already, this kind of things wont happen already. i dont wanna see you cry again.. k?

Love ya
(hope she doesnt see this)  "

Okay! All that's the past. And i happened to like not complete much? But atleast i did survive the year thru! 
I'm not dead ma. hahahahha. em. ok. cold joke.

Ending the post.... HERE ARE 2011'S RESOLUTIONS!!!
My New Year solutions Resolutions 
(NO JOKE. i actually wrote solutions instead of resolutions)
1.Aiming for atleast 9 points for N's
Meaning aiming for 5 points cause i WONT ever get 5 points. 
Face it, if you aim low, you get even lower. Like you aim 60, you confirm just past only.
2.Get my camera ASAP!!!!!!!! (that's not my resolution. UHHUM hinthint~~)
3. Try not to lose/spoil phone.
4. Spend more time with parents by going on more holidays with them
5. Be patient with boyf and try to tiliang hi ;)

K! 5 only hor. 5 ONLY!!!!!!!!!!
Must rmb ur resoltuions and keep to your word! Else it's not a resolution anymore! 
Let's have a great year ahead guys~

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