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Name's Abby
Blood mixed Thai-Sg
Not yet sixteen.
I have a pretty good temperament actually so you can say I'm pretty much a nice girl:)

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Attempt @ PS.
Friday, December 3, 2010
Sorry for the late update, promised at night but now it's alr the next day.
Have abit of a prob with photobucket's bandwidth exceeding, meaning uploaded too many photos using photobucket during this period of time.
hell yeah~ look at my posts for Nov! 40++
It's the month where i have posted the most out of other months, and more than 1 post average per day!
Looks like i've been treating blogger as my bestfriend. :)

For my first ever attempt at ps, i used these three images.


i wanna put the girl into the cup, so i thought that by editing the girl on herself, i could get a transparent image behind her, or save her picture as a cut out image of her. In the end i saved a picture of her cut out, turning out like this .

HAHHAHA, i know it's like hard around the edges esp the hair, but i was damn tired by the time T.T
K, then put the girl "in" the cup~~~~


Yah~ i did the cutting and all, right on that picture.
Earlier know i just paste the original picture of her in the cup picture lah!!!

But out of doing these longwiinded steps, i learnt alot of methods of cutting her, and how to use each method in what situation(kinda). Plus i learn how to blend her into the background, which is the blue sky!! Likea cool, very happy when i could blend her in nicely w/o the white background anymore.

So, it became like this after all that.

IF you look CLOSELY, you can see that i made her hair bigger. And notice the original image of her had the top part of her hair cut off? Ya~ fixed that.

AND look closely at the clouds......don't they look diff from the original? MUAHAHA BET CHA DIDNT NOTICE THAT AT ALL.
Adding in the last pix tgt with the image.

Overall i dont even think it's that nice?
I really wanted to add in more pictures and layers and im pretty confident can make it look mroe realistic and all but i couldnt be bothered already, i was dead beat tired at 6+ am la!!! & I'm really not satisfied with the hair looking cut out. could have fix that but like mention, TIRED. Honestly speaking i've seen enough of photoshop for the week!

Gosh, i slept at 8 am today woke up at 12pm and i dont even feel tired now!! LALALA.


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