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Saturday, December 25, 2010


        From Heysundae to YOU!!! 

Hohoho. Yeap wherever you are. Have fun and joy and anything.
Hope you guys get nice presents and $$$.
For the record i dont celebrate xmas so yeah... i dont have anything to post about christmas..
Well, if you ask why. It's because of my religion? Anyway it's not some thai religion or whatever, relax.
Yah yo i hard to explain, so drop the topic.

SO! I have another topic. Which is em.. amusing? Read.

This guy, Andy Park AKA Mr Christmas.
He has been celebrating Xmas for the past 17 years EVERYDAY.
Why? He said that "he'd felt "bored" and "fed-up" one July and putting up decorations had made him feel so happy he decided to carry on."
Meaning he eats xmas food everyday..breakfast lunch dinner , it's ALL christmas food!!
AND "In addition to feasting on mince pies, pulling crackers and popping open champagne he sits down to watch the Queen's speech every afternoon"

"he's estimated to have eaten more than 6,000 Christmas dinners, although he's cut back on the scale of celebrations in recent years due to the credit crunch."
Like duh, how can he afford it? Imagine if he has a family of ten he confirm bankrupt HAHAH.

If that's not shocking enough............TADAHHHHHH.
seriously. seriously? yes. SERIOUSLY.

He said: "I love my Christmas tree more than anything else, so that's why I want to marry it.
"I've already got a ring, although I'm not sure yet which branch I'll want to hang it on.
"The only problem seems to be finding a vicar who is willing to do the ceremony."

Andy said that although he'd only had the plastic tree for two years, he felt it was like "his best friend" and he never tired of seeing it sitting in his living room.

He said: "I can't see why we can't be joined in matrimony.
"I've heard of other people marrying their pets and so on, so why can't I get hitched to my tree?"

Hmmmm, but some people suspects he has been lying? Like firstly how can he afford it and secondly he hasnt allowed reporters to go inside his house.
"Suspected that Park is lying about his daily Christmas celebration in order to help sell a single he's just released, titled "It's Christmas Every Day."

damn LOL.
PERSONALLY i think it's a hoax lor. like how can it be?! maybe he's really gonna marry the tree.
but well...that's his life lah. HAHAH.

k tomorrow having another bbq and if possible can acc sis fo for her inking. hmmm.

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