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Name's Abby
Blood mixed Thai-Sg
Not yet sixteen.
I have a pretty good temperament actually so you can say I'm pretty much a nice girl:)

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CIP @ Batam P1
Sunday, January 9, 2011
Hewello!!! My face all swollen now so im not gonna go out.(CHANGED PLANS AM GOING OUT.)
In all, i enjoyed the trip and it wasnt because only of the company but i felt that i really completed quite a bit?
Im not a totally slack person but had a sense of acomplishment when i got there, i tried to do the best as i could for the orphanage. Maybe i slacked a little on the first day but the second day after lunch i didnt stop to talk at all okay! :) i could also see like there were a lot of friends from other class, although they didnt have a very good record in school, they definitely worked the hardest compared to some who just went there to.... i dont know? Chat and enjoy themselve by entertaining themself? I know i have no rights to say some people but in a way when i see them just bumming around doing nothing, i got kind of turned off by them. 

We were there for like hours amounting up to 12 hours? not alot.

@ hall waiting.

 I got damn kiasua during the trip!! brought like sunblck and hat and all, if you know me i am the type of person who fuck care and dont bring anything unnecessary. but first time i wanted to protect my skin!!
turns out it was drizzling most of the time..............

  this is the school... kinda reminds me of thailand's school. haha!

i pity those girls! dont they feel hot?!
 opening the damn hard to open paint containers... to paint the walls below!!! we were to paint it sky blue.
 actually the whole 120 of us were seperated into groups..Cementing, painting and cleaning.
i got the painting!!! had to paint outside of the top building, which is the home of the orphans, as well as the inside and the ceilings.

the place is a school cum orphanage. only a hand few are orphans but we are there to help them do over their home, nth to do with those schooling there. but the kids schooling there also are very easily contented and all compared to s'poreans. so cute right them:)  They like playing with us:)

 being fascinated with a frog. LOL. damn funny they almost wanted to kill it so we faster put it into the drain.

 swollen eyes T.T

 you cant really see but my hands were all dirty and my pants too!!
 DAMN NICE RIGHT THE WALL!!!! It was a dirty yellow before not its the awesome blueblueblue :)
 hen and her fellow chicks got disturbed countless times by us. wahahhaha.
the bus looks like it's in a desert. LOL.

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