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Name's Abby
Blood mixed Thai-Sg
Not yet sixteen.
I have a pretty good temperament actually so you can say I'm pretty much a nice girl:)

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Friday's balloon bearbear gotten from pizza hut on Friday..
Ate with xx and tinghui. Got set somemore!! Below $10. VERY FULL TRUST ME.
I thought they were lying cause the pizza looked small to me, but it's not when you eat it!!!
Free flow coke two!!


Didnt attend school today cause i felt awfully tired. Let me start on Monday.


Have thought about it over and decided to rejoin cca because I think it would be great if I could get cca points for O lvl's. And great part is, I only have to attend about 5 mnths of CCA instead of the whole year! AND I still get at least 1 point to minus off! Great idea. If you're in P6 Next year going secondary school, I suggest you skip cca for 3 years and go CCA in Sec 4 and 5. Less effort, same points ;)


Dragged Joy and Yf for CCA with me as they didnt have one. We went to CHOIR.
And I tell you...... it sucks pretty bad. I'm not sure whether I'm not used to going for CCA or what. Did the test and I'm a Soprano H1 or whatever. Highest voice in the choir.
Damn coooooooooool. It was damn slack but the constant singing gave me a minor headache.
But my voice not high ah, haha. :)


Thereafter, went to Nex for dinner with friends and my sis. Her bf and her gave me a treat waha.
The food wasn't bad.. Pretty good price as well. Shall drag baby there next time.

GO TO 313 ONE'S!!! looks very nice in the picture.
credits to person took abve pixs.

I didn't have this, I had steak and it was very filling :)

Went home halfdead and slept at 11pm ( hell early for me)

Planned to meet bb in the morning and get my MC for school, cause the last time I gave them letter and I think they don't really accept it anymore and I don't want to get nagged at.
Went in consult doctor all... guess what!!! I GOT 2 DAYS MC?!
Lol, I found it really funny as I wanted to get a MC so I could pon, in the end, I got 2 days MC.
Dont know whether should go tomorrow... free day off who dont want (;

I'm so bored yawns.... Am i boring you guys with my posts?

Next up..... Movies I watched in January 11!!!!
Usually don't really catch alot of shows in the cinema.. For one, I could watch it on tv next time.. Else I could dl it! But I think some movies are a MUST to watch in cinemas. Etc, Avatar.. Transformer..
One more to add to the movies that NEED to be caught in the theatres is....

Burlesque is a humorous theatrical entertainment involving parody and sometimes grotesque exaggeration


The show's awesome.... Like many people who seen it has said.
And I know what they mean! It kinda brings you into the atmosphere..The setting's more in the theatrical environment. More of entertainment than dialogue and pure hotness. The girl's who were cast are DAMN HOT. If I'm a guy I wonder would I drool anot. LOL. For girls.. I think we like to see more of hot girls than hot guys so it's a must watch! Maybe can learn some moves from them ahahha.

And Christina Aguilera's acting ain't so bad lor!! She should cross over to acting or do both. She's so small sized(i think) but her voice damn power.
Loved her songs since pri school. Cher look like ah gua but she got some factor that makes her interesting. 4.5/5

Second movie I caught..... YOGI BEAR!!!!

Look like camwhoring sporean girls LOL!!!!


Weeheehee. This show's not so popular but I saw the preview like last year, and that day we had nothing to do so just watched it. Booboo's so cute!!!!! I think quite unrealistic in a way lah, but quite entertaining in a cartoon network kinda way :) 3.5/5

Third and lasttttttt. Where got ghost.

I thought the show was like 2 hours but it was only 1.5 hrs.
It felt like 2 hrs!!! Only two mini shows inside. The first was quite sad leh, but the second one was rather funny. Mark Lee acted as a woman. over all, the show was FUNNYYYYYYYYYYYY.
So if you're feeling quite sad, go catch it :) 4/5

You guys got thing recommend me blog leh. I'm running out of things to talk about.

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