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Name's Abby
Blood mixed Thai-Sg
Not yet sixteen.
I have a pretty good temperament actually so you can say I'm pretty much a nice girl:)

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Read prev post........ i'm so boredoutthamaimaindzxzx.

Today was so uncomfortable!! I couldn't find my actual skirt i wear to school everyday
I have two pairs of skirt. One is for only for monday, after attire chck, will change to normal skirt.
My normal skirt isnt short la, just that need to pull untill mid knee, v gw.
Rather bring extra skirt. LOL. 
actually i should try the normal skirt, since our dm is not the same as last years.
and our teacher was forced to be more strict. now i think more lenient.
(Ahhh ~~ outram~~ i miss you for attire checks~~ bliss!)

Anyway i was so hot and stuffy because of the skirt today. Sucks core. 

Even if girls want short skirts cause it's more vain and yadayada,
i would want short skirt cause the weather is horrible in spore. 
I pity guys, long pants seriously i'll wear tank and shorts everyday if i could to school.

Went sakae after school, ended on a slightly bad note?
Ah, i think next time i look back on this post i will remember everysingle thing,
not even needing to blog about it LOL.
Anyw, i hope you know i didnt mean it lah.
I learnt that not everyone is the same, and that some people more sensitive than others.
Like i'm so not sensitive in that way, so i don't know how you all feel and all. 
Smile plssss :>

I haven't got my math textbook...... 
i can't believe it's gonna cost $20!!!!! 
Am gonna ransack bbc and get a secondhand one at price slashed by at least 50% if i can find one.

Pfffffffft, been ages my mum threatening me to bathe and she's doing it now.
Shall go disturb her and fall asleep at sofa, resulting in me bathing at 12 am or so .
THATS MY ROUTINE IN SEC SCHOOL LOL. ( when really tired only plsss)
Eh dont so EWW okay!
When go school , i smell nicer than you!!! Cus i bathed nearer to the school hours!!
Oh i dont bathe in the morning cause i cant wake up :( last time can.
if happen one day i miraculously got spare time before school, i will bathe.

Fact 1 about me:
I hate bathing.
 Only if i feel sticky then i like. Other than that. Me no like bath.

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