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Name's Abby
Blood mixed Thai-Sg
Not yet sixteen.
I have a pretty good temperament actually so you can say I'm pretty much a nice girl:)

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Wrapped Around My Finger
Friday, February 25, 2011
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Are you irritated by my tongue already. ^^

the weather was so humid today i felt like a candy floss. so sticky gosh.

about the comments thinking back i think i decided i did appear conceited albeit whatever however i yeah, nobody's perfect certainly not me. shall think through thoroughly what to reply next time then.

i'm very pleased with my recent tests results. got highest for eng, ma, phy. But that's like one small part only. And math was a class test so i dont think there's a high percentage. hopefully did okay for the recent math ca. Physics was a dead shocker for me? I didnt expect it but i happened to actually go through the effort of trying to understand the formula, otherwise i think it would be an average score. OMG i'm failing chinese like the sky is falling man, it's like either fail by few marks or pass by few marks. i really do wonder how i got into the seperate "good" chinese class last year. lmao?

i'm way behind for art and i dont have the time and effort to do it. mon-fri i'm to tired and i am online, sat sun am out. where's the art slot?!

today went for sports carnival. 2 hrs late but no one did care:) i need to join something next year, for cca points. im going to go all out for cca points.went to amk hub for lunch with my 3 girls:)
the reason i went for sports day was because xx told me, that it would be the last year we could go together cus they're graduating... kinda sad so i just got myself up and went.

I just transfered all the pictures accumulated for pass few mnths..
Taken using my phone's front cam and normal cam.
I think the normal cam quality like not bad ah?! :)

Lydia horny face!! HEEHEEHEE

Xx: She's not what everyone sees. She come across VERY loud and irritating, but she's a veryvery good friend. Seriously.
Th: Resident gyaru girl. Great cook and short fuse but she's sososososo cute ^^ Still remember she was so friendly, made friends with her during pri sch although we were from diff schools.
Lydia: My lesbo:) Touchtouch ! She's damn cute to disturb and very crazy hehehe :)
I'm dreading writing a post at the end of the year about them leaving.....

i think tomorro i'm going for darren's chalet? im not too sure. fingers crossed.

1)Open Google translator.
2) There you write this : ''Will Justin Bieber ever hit puberty''
3) Translated from English into Vietnamese.
4) copy the Vietnamese text.
5) Now translate from Vietnamese back to English
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