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Name's Abby
Blood mixed Thai-Sg
Not yet sixteen.
I have a pretty good temperament actually so you can say I'm pretty much a nice girl:)

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Dear TaiWan (pt 3)
Sunday, March 27, 2011
Going into Taipei. The motorbikes in taiwan are as plentiful as Thailand and Vietnam! And do you know that the person at the back would put their hands into the driver's jacket pocket as a way to keep warm and to hold on?
Steamboat buffet and they had some chefs to cook the Mongolian meat on the spot.
My hair looks chopped off.
The girl's mum and grandma. Her mum's really pretty for her age:) And thanks ma for the small eyes.
Their bus guide. Looks scary to me cause my Chinese sucks. Even if I could read C, what's up with the lines and the dotted lines and arrows?!
My sis asked me take this-.- Anyway she and her sisters are one of the most popular stars in taiwan.. and top trendsetters.(thats what locals said) HAHAH and my sis said she confirm went for PS cause in Meteor Garden her face was flat, now have "3D effect" LOL LOL LOL I really LMFAO.
Her eyes so big right not like mine! And her double eyelids are more obvious than mine too!!!
Went to Taipei 101 building.and....... nothing lor it's same as Orchard. And to go to the top, $20. Same as MBS. But my older sis said that the building is built so that when there is earthquake, the building would not fall as there is a pendulum inside the building meaning when the building moves to the right the pendulum would move to the left thus having a balancing effect. (i sound like i'm writing SS)

Shihlin Night Market, hundreds of food stalls and clothes stores! However it's super hectic and stuffy. And the place sells all sorts of food from local dishes to western food. Singapore doesn't has any of this though, I think the nearest to it is what? Pasar Malam? Haha.

More pictures of me the next post, I know there are more scenic pictures here. :) It's another day so I shall do another entry for it because if I lump it altogether in this post the whole post will lag and it'll take ages to complete it(it has already started showing signs of pre lagging). Toddlies!

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