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Name's Abby
Blood mixed Thai-Sg
Not yet sixteen.
I have a pretty good temperament actually so you can say I'm pretty much a nice girl:)

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Dear TaiWan (pt 4)
Tuesday, March 29, 2011

One of those days I did made effort to dress up and makeup everything, the only day out of the 10 days over.

Kind guy who helped us find the busstop to Gongguan. For all the shopping trips, I was the one who navigated my sis and mum there! Thanks to the pamphlet and my pretty good map skills :)

The bus fare is like 80c for all distances or something considered quite cheap already!
You know the other day i took SBS bus then I didnt top up my bus card. The driver said like $1.50, I went "I'm student fare" He said " Now no student fare or what already, it's counted by distance." I was like okaaaaaaay. Give $1.50 lor, then he said "It's $1.60" -.- PFFFFT. But the other day I paid 50c, plus another time the driver let me on for free cause I didnt have spare change as well. So sweeet :)

Really hate the feeling of getting on bus, no card money and no small change and not a freaking person on the bus has coins to exchange with you. Fucking selfish Singaporeans-.-

Can you see it? ITS DAMN COOL they have two layers for the bikes to park on. Do you know that per family, they have at least one bike per person? Cause Taiwan is very big so it makes more sense to have a bike than travel on public transport. Plus the bikes cost like $1,600 ONLY. AND unlike SG they dont have over the top parking fees.

I have a huge fetish for boots. Not shoes but boots.

Yoshinoya there sucks core.

Who can get the picture? I think it's only me... i showed it to my other sis and she said take this for what?
I was like, Singapore doesnt have all these things stuck on their wall right?! You know all those chio chio jap girls heheheh.

This is XiMenDing, one of the most popular shopping havens in Taipei.
HAHAHA so cute right the dog's owner is the owner of the shop. They have like two outlets there so he goes to two outlets depending on his mood or smth.

The place is like FREAKING BIG. there's one big road and then it will have partings on the left and right thru out the road. It's like those nice pavements and have the cosy feeling, not those dirty roads. Then have all those teens with super nice dressing, or cosplay even some of them, really felt was in japan. :)

Then there was this group of boys, I saw them like looking around, then I just turned back to my mum then one of them came up and said something in chinese. He was talking really fast and i was like huh? But i caught the words lighter(?) or something. So i said huh? He said, my friend blahblablah want to know blahblahblah. Usual sentence. Does the whole world's guys use this line to get girls number or what? Me: I'm not taiwanese. He: Err Okay, enjoy your trip.
I think they were either REALLY bored or they wanted to play or daring or something. 5 of them leh -.- Dont tell me they came to xmd just to do that.Then later they went around asking girls numbers. LOL. there was one girl who actually gave. One more just walked away. HAHAHAH I actually videotaped it but I dont know where's all my videos, as in I dont know which folder I CANT FIND IT. Anyway all the videos I recorded was all out of focus cus I have not edited the settings or smth.

My favourite gloves :)

Does my mum look like a korean/jap? Everywhere we go ppl would ask you guys are japanese/korean? (more of jap) i contribute that to my mum, when i was young ppl in thailand would ask my mum and me if we were jap also. HAHA. i had the mushroom hair cut then hehehehe. If only i looked more jap):
 heheheh look at the guys face.

Sushi there is cheapcheapcheap.

The "ezlink card"

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