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Name's Abby
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I have a pretty good temperament actually so you can say I'm pretty much a nice girl:)

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Dear TaiWan (pt2)
Tuesday, March 22, 2011
I look complete ........ hey it was 6am in the morning can't blame me.

Taking the Bullet Train.. It's darn expensive!
$40 for I don't know how many stops. I don't know how the taiwanese afford it.
my sis in pink. shortttttt. actually you will be seeing her in the the whole trip cause she only brought that jacket. very clever. :)
i look likea crippled butterfly
All at some memorial hall thing. we stopped like for like 15 minutes and it was raining mad, didnt have time and i dont have the interest to look around hehehehe. 
Some of the more common gifts.
Damn nice mochi!!!! peanut inside.
HAHAHAH i think the salesgirl was like wtf as us as we bought one instead of a box.
Mum: You!
Me: No.....


The above store service sucks! My mum ordered on bowl because we were rushing for time and wanted to share among the 3 of us. So she asked for a bowl, they gave her, then she wanted another, and the girl said "Mei you la(dont have la)" When they have so many bowls stacked up-.- ges.
That was JiuFen, an area to shop for sourvenirs and get some of their delicacies.
There's alot of Japanese influence as there was a period Japan took over taiwan for awhile..
There are alot of jap working over there and many japanese tourists also.Super cool! I felt i was in Jap there, happened thruout the trip. Taiwan has alot of jap influence all around. Actually Tawiwan is not china. The ppl there dont speak like china people too. AND they converse in hokkien too. So those who speak hokkien fluently should atleast go there atleast once in their life :)

(Somehow i look so bleh-blah in this posts pictures bear with me i always think i look worst with my fringe up hair down look so..... cheena? and i look fat with all the extra cloth.)
Nevermind i look better from the side that day :) Gosh im so narcissistic.

 Moving on, to another eating cum shopping place. Forgot the name of the place.
It tasted awesome!!!!! Hard on the outside like glazed lollipop, but when you bit in the strawberry totally burst in your mouth. MUST try.
i took this picture... i think because of the guy's dressing. cute LOL with the umbrelly

#2 bubble tea

 Mum: See the breast so big

Reminds me of my favourite thai grasshoppers.

So interesting, hot dogs inside. But it didnt taste that nice.

I liked this :)

Moving on , we went to the flying cow farm for the night. Apparently it's all about cows and milk and all. We had dinner and the soup was milk soup but it tasted like normal soup with a little milky taste. Very nice. And we had to wake up at 6.30 to go "ji neh neh" of the cows and the other animals, but..... woke up late. So expected. But it's so early omg! The whole holiday I didnt even sleep till 1pm before !!! So me and my sis went for the walk by ourselves to see see.

They gave us for free. So nice of them:)



Anyway when me and my sis went for our walk it was pretty creepy over there. You can see it's like so misty from the pictures and it was twice as misty real life. And they had this musical box tune playing and it was so dreary and all kinda gave us the abandoned american farm feeling lol!

Moving on, went to some place where they had preserved the taiwan earthquake 10 years ago, I'm not sure you guys have heard of it, 921 earthquake. Apparently it's on the 21st of Sep. So horrible looking at it and thinking about japan's disaster which happened around the same day we went there.
Stay strong j <3 I was telling m to change for japan currencies cus their rates are super low now and next time it would escalate and all.. But it would only make a diff if you changed like a few k. hehe.

Later went to some temple to pray for money or smth but my family was like blah blah and walked around the stores nearby. And i was thinking how great life would be if you could throw in the coins in the bowls and really get rich, have wealth and love. My com is really lagging now because of this long ass post so im just gonna talk about everything and you guys go refer to the pictures. I got the furry raccoony keychain outside there because it was cheap and awwwwwwfully nice to touch. Singapore sells like $25 for the biggest raccoon tail and $8 for the smallest and it's like super pathetic not thick like the big one. It's selling for $15(biggest) over at tw but i didnt buy it because i needed more to buy clothes heheheh and its not practical to buy it and like what?carry it around in sg? So yeah.....

This guy kept on pulling me to join them for the group dance thingy like 2-3 times. Below is the small lane right outside the hotel. She was so cute! she clicked the camera button for me :)We stayed at the moutainous areas because the hotel we went to had the hot spring attraction but i didnt get to go in cus i was havin reds ): Anyway the area were surrounded with earthquakes remainings , like there were alot of piles of rocks etc but i didnt take pictures cus i always feel grouchy in the morn.

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