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Name's Abby
Blood mixed Thai-Sg
Not yet sixteen.
I have a pretty good temperament actually so you can say I'm pretty much a nice girl:)

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Giving Sugar Rush
Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Ni hao ma?

I'm so bothered when i look at my page and all i see are the stupid phobucket's bandwidth exceeded shiat. Have decided to change photo upload web not gonna use tinypic cause it's slow, or blogger's cause it has something similar to pb's problem.

So.... to like get rid of the constant reminder that my blog's pictures are the delightful little blue boxes, gonna massive upload some old pictures which i dont think i did ever upload it in heysundae because there was a period i left blogging and all.

Finding the screen-shot picture of the camera accessories i surfed for online, i can't even remember which website is it. Haha, i know myself well enough to screen-shot it. The bill came up to $20 but i'm not sure whether it's in USD or SGD. Hmmm, dad don't kill me:)

OH! And i'm so happy, i finally got the complete set for my slr. Kevin was nice to company me down to ps to check out the lens i bought. Overall, i spent about $570 on my d5k. which is like 50% cheaper than the bn. Quality and appearance of body+lens is mint. It's not easy seriously, to find something that's used but not used. Something expensive to be cheap and not cheap looking(i mean worn). I think my cam easily pass off for new :) the guy who sold me the lens was so nice :) like damn good condition and damn cheap. $40 lesser than what stores are selling.

About the camera, i was rather disappointed because of _____ on the other hand i have to applaud myself to have the hindsight to save up my own cash. Think from now on, i wont bother to ask anyone to get anything for me, what i want just save myself. Hasn't it been this way all along?

Anyway it's over and i really wish that ____ will do whatever comes out of ____ mouth. The people i hate the most are the irresponsible kind. I promise i will try not to keep on mentioning it but it definitely left a marking. Permanent or not.

like for it, i got my passport photo done, my camera, and some of the clothes i bought for a few months will be wearing it over there. hehhehehe. for now, im gonna give myself tution on my cammy over at youtube. my new gadget to play (: im gonna flood myself with food and get fatter than the fat i am already.

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