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Name's Abby
Blood mixed Thai-Sg
Not yet sixteen.
I have a pretty good temperament actually so you can say I'm pretty much a nice girl:)

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Tonight I'm falling for you..
Saturday, March 26, 2011


Mine... Sambal for you?

The biscuits I loved when I was young with all the biscuits labeled with names of animals ect.. I believe I can only find it at ToysRUs.

Just to update about since I came back from overseas.
I know how it feels to read someone's blog and usually you enjoy their day to day life post but suddenly you have to deal with a long post with alot of scenery pictures and talking about things you won't know about unless you've been there bef. Will be not blogging so often because I will do a daily taiwan post with the whole day's photos in else I would just get sick of the photos and just... neglect them like my msia ones from last year. So anyupdates follow me up @abbydae. And ask me some questions up at formspring!  My surfing life is so so boring.

Last saturday I went over to Cosmoprof to help out Hazel with her makeup exam was one of her models with 2 others :) I have a bunch of photos for that so maybe next week I would blog about that. Sunday was with baby went to JustAcia to eat because I was reminded of it thanks to j:) Rmbed the last time I ate it was when I came back from camping and happened to pass by and eat there because of the free flow drinks,hot chocolate/coffee(?) and ice cream/soft served(as well!). Really worth it considering the price. $15 for 2! Went to ToysRUs and a girl we once worked with couldn't recognize us! Saw the manager and we quickly hid behind something hahaha! It's still as dreary as ever. It just doesn't have the same atmosphere as the Vivo one. Later, we were like scrambling at about 9pm cause we finally thought of something to do but no moolah.

Oh and another para for what happened at school? Heard this girl in the sch was like insulting alot of girls and esp most were my friends and heard alot of things abt her. So I went my way and said her in the toilet and everything, (obviously no names, I have too much practise at sarcasm shooting at ppl i need to) and somehow got out of hand and everything. So talked with both sides and it was the same she's lying, and nooooo wth? she's the one who's lying. Weeeeeell. If I had to chose who to believe I know who I would chose not because I'm closer to them or whatsoever it's just that I have my own judgement and sixthe sense maybe I'm wrong? However, it's the benefit of doubt and plainly no evidence.  I didn't chose sides in the end, and I didn't from the start. I just blew off my head with the sarcasm at the start that's the truth hahaha.

I'm happy that my experience with E in OSS made me wiser in the matters of dealing with other girls and bitching. :) Ofcourse I still have the old spark inside me ready to explode anytime if need be but I can say that I'm not as childish and evil as last time hehehe :)

I have alot of emotions going inside sometimes I let it out to someone I'm not close in particular because they won't hold it against me, and simply not close so it's easy to say things without the other person comparing with what you said the last time.

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