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Name's Abby
Blood mixed Thai-Sg
Not yet sixteen.
I have a pretty good temperament actually so you can say I'm pretty much a nice girl:)

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Confidence Dosage
Saturday, April 2, 2011
Going few weeks back, over @ Cosmoprof helping Hazel for her makeup examination.
Had to wait few hours because they had some stupid rule of not letting all the models in at the same time.
So was with Joanne chatting and found out we had quite a number of mutual friends. :)

Her other two models damn pretty right!! And you know I had really really heavy makeup on but I think her skills are rather good cause I don't think I look like I had a lot of stuff on my face! First time I had so much foundation on my skin. But my skin looked flawless in the pictures. I wish my skin was that good. And actually I really pei fu(respect) all those people who actually go thru the process of putting so much makeup on everyday w/o fail. But actually, those people with bad skin condition shouldn't put on too much makeup, it doesn't let the skin "breathe" and all. I think SG girl's skins are not that bad. Many girls have really nice skin, I also don't know why! I think they're so lucky right! Some don't even need to wash their face daily but yet they have such skin in good condition. I really hate those girls who put on a lot of eyeliner and everything. Makeup's meant to help beautify your face, not make you look like a monster. :)
We were queuing up to get our pictures taken for their portfolio.

I have a habit of sitting down with a person next to me with our legs cross and I would unconscientiously snap a shot of our shoes. Somehow that's not a good idea with my fat legs zoomed in on.

After that went to meet the rest at bugis. I still remember it was the day at the arcade when some perv touched my butt. Wtf, you know what was the best part? He tried it TWICE. These kind of people can go and die seriously. I tried touching my friend's butt to test and what the hell is so nice about that? It's just a piece of meat right? Which everyone has-.- I rather touch the breast lor. Guys don't have what. What for touch something you yourself have. Go touch watermelon even better. PFFFFFT. And worst part was I didn't like defend myself? I should have kicked the guy in the nuts but trust me it's different when it happened, it's like, someone touched me? Mmmm...... that kind of feeling. Anyway, he got his just desserts.

My fringe looks so ugly here......I just cut my fringe again this week.

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