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Name's Abby
Blood mixed Thai-Sg
Not yet sixteen.
I have a pretty good temperament actually so you can say I'm pretty much a nice girl:)

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You can never fathom
Wednesday, May 25, 2011
         Ahbeng VS Gayish(original)

Long time "friend" didn't really actually talked till this year.
Kinda surprising how things can turn out after so many years.
You can never imagine talking to someone you probably thought was from different "worlds" but end up chatting like norm few years later.
Happened twice in a month wadawadawada. Nice person to talk and chat and I totally treat him like another girl friend hehe, which is good cus it's hard for me to find girls I can pour my feelings out, not mentioning guys.
And I cant imagine that we actually sat for almost 5 hours on two chairs talking. Like first time in my life actually talking thru the night till daylight breaks. But it's a pretty nice experience minus the stupid weather. And wanna thank him for accompanying me cus that day I was so down and we talked till I was okay. But these few days I have thought thru and I realise I don't like to talk about things to my girlfriends, not cus I don't like to or whatsoever but I'm afraid some of them would judge and girls as girls as girls are known for they will probabbby talk about it with another of their closer friend or something yada yada I know some of my gfies won't but sometimes I'm too lazy also hard to arrange time and everything cuz I don't know I think that girls have much more busier lifes than guys. Guys are always free 24/7. But I'm really thankful I have good gfies unlike those who just whine about how they love each other but they never show it. Okay, you guys can talk to me anytime I be your counselor:)  And also I don't like to talk about things esp my feelings to other people, just been a habit since I don't know when, when I started stressing over things, to keep it to myself I don't like to ask for favors and to bring people down when they have their own problems, I can always solve it myself but sometimes it's just nice to sit down talk about shit that has been happening and chill. Sometimes it's good to share your burden. But it totally differs about who you tell it too. I freaking hate to talk to people about things but I know at the back of my mind that they will judge me cus seriously its okay if you want to judge but I don't know it's human nature but I still don't like the feeling. Just some. Only Some. Just don't like the feeling of someone close to you judging you, it's just quite disappointing in a sense. Ahhhh I don't know if you guys get what I'm talking cus seriously I missed out alot of periods and commas, and phrasing the sentence and all but I don't really give a damn for this post, cus if you can't get it you can't, cus this is how I lazy write hehe. You cant read lazy write if you don't do lazy write. Wata, till next update cheerios.

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